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Feb 26, 2008
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I don't know if the Korean bss carry natural kinky hair. I've never bought natural hair from an Asian bss.
But, with all the money spent on long flowing hair, why shouldn't some of that money be spent for natural kinky hair.
I'm not the one to speculate on why another woman wears her hair a certain way. I don't think the Korean stores sell kinky natural hair.
Before I loc'ed, I used to wear natural kinky hair. I loved it. I had a Diana Ross thing happening


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Jan 20, 2015
i respect every woman's choice. 23 years ago, the atmosphere, and the options, for getting locks was quite different than it is today. As a matter of fact, before i transitioned I wore corn rows, sometimes with extensions ALL the time. So, I can't really say that I wouldn't have gone that route with all certainty. But, one of the most inspirational people I met just before I got my dreads was Alice Walker (at a book signing) and we chatted shortly about dreads.

But, I am SO glad i took what I call "The Spiritual Journey" at that time. Not just bad hair days, but weeks! Cuz they didn't have half the stuff they have now. Just plain ole palm rolling, is all I had. But, I think the journey can be character building for some women.

I think if I COULD do anything different, to speed up the process, I could've done Sisterlocks, if they had them, but, they didn't

After having palm-rolled locks for 13 years, we moved back to Cali for 2 years, where my Aunt is a Registered Sisterlock Consultant, so she did my hair for free for 2 years. After we moved back here, there were/are no Registered Consultants in this area. So, back to palm-rolled.
I don't compare my locks to sisterlocks. There is no other locking process that compares to the original, legacy, locks.
Styling my original locks is like creating a work of art.


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Jan 20, 2015

I hate the weave locks.


Jan 22, 2017
Manchester, UK

I'm sure Liberty is not ignoring you as she is moving into her new house and she's probably up to her eyeballs.
Liberty has also been having problems with her computers. I think she needs a computer geek to help her out, I cant make head nor tail of it.


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