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Jan 14, 2005
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PEOPLE, doesn’t Donald CHUMP’s and all of the Republicans ongoing silence on the public execution by on duty policeman Derek Chauvin of George Floyd speak volumes with regard to him/them being openly RACIST Rednecks?

The USA's NAZI NUTCASES have been for some time, STILL are very very determined to get an open RACE WAR going in the USA by continually openly murdering non-whites and Black people.

When the African American community respond by defending themselves against these murderers is the excuse THEY will use for getting the army to roundup and subsequently incarcerate, exterminate the African American community.

That is what Donald CHUMP's election mantra "Make America GREAT AGAIN" really meant, why the USA'S WHITE SUPREMACIST RACISTS voted him into the the White House and intend to keep him there.

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?



Jul 2, 2003
That video and Fullers explanation is Real B.S OK
Crap... that Video, Now that is playing with a Brain Washing concept.
Sliding on a razors edge with ideals

Fuller make some points, to sell books.
This I know is true and it applies from the way they guard those in Prison, to the lives we all lead.
Regardless of your ethnicity.
You can not spend your time clocking another.
Holding them down / or back, checking their stride and denying them growth.
Because.. THOSE Doing SO are held back, holding themselves from a life of happiness and growth.

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Jul 2, 2003

Now in this Pod Cast Mr. Fuller has a different tone. More optimistic
This is a decent pod cast. More uplifting not added to the stereotypical ( that video above contains. )

He says when you recognize something, you gain a better understanding.
Then you may have an opportunity to work thru the systems constructed that hold you back.

Being called a racist name has no power. Unless believed or given that power. I'm talking from experience here.
If you impede your own progress because someone said you'll never amount to anything.

Then that is your power you gave them. Being raised by a strong Black Man, or Woman, ( be that Father, N Mother an Uncle, Aunt etc ) tells you their struggle is real and that without bringing you down, or letting you know that this is real.

That You can over come many of the things that you see / you saw growing up, Challenge and everything is a challenge.

Constructive effect or non constructive effects. Mr. Fuller speaks about this in the pod cast..
Again here he has some constructive teachings that video didn't offer much of the same.
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