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Sep 13, 2008
Good Brothers MetaSaience and RU2Religious,

I thought I would interject with my humble thoughts on this. I have mulled over this very issue as well, but came to the conclusion that without Melanin (or Carbon)the information we share can only take "them" so far. One could hypothesize that this is the reason Obama was put into the White House; the PTB know this all too well. Additionally, there is only so much information that can be shared on a physical level, alot of it comes through dreams or is transmitted orally.

Just my humble opinion, if it is misinformation, I would welcome any corrections.

Ps - Metasaience, please get started about the Rockefellers! Is it true that Jay Z is one by bloodline?



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Jun 19, 2007
Beyond my own understanding
What are the signs that a woman is under a love spell. When I was first introduced to this man I did not how heavy he is into magick until I found out he was a Palero, into Vodun, and etc. I've always felt like I'm fighting against me loving him bc it does not make sense as to why I am. I've never met this guy in person. When he saw me (a pic) it was like she is mine an Pd when I opened myself up to him..... I cant explain it. I am always fighting against feelings of being in love and it drives me crazy bc its intense. I remember one time he told me even if you get married your going to cheat on your husband with me. I would break away and then out of the blue I would find myself thinking about him. At one pt. I made myself forget his number and at times I would hear call him and my brain would try to figure out his number. One day it just came to me I called and I'm talking to him. Presently I feel overwhelmed like I just have to be with him. What can I do to break it and protect myself in the future?

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