Black Poetry : Prevail with true chemistry but in the retail shoe industry there's talk of a strange change like a


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May 11, 2006
Prevail with true chemistry but in the retail shoe industry
there's talk of a strange change like a gold tooth in dentistry
so cuz I walk as the town abuzz with talk of a big boom
just ahead don't dig the tune of gossip or what is said zoomed
off in my drop top go shop a lot in WAL-MART it's all part
of a good day,this wisdom reach with the system I teach start
folks to think quotes on the brink of being glorified it's abysmal
like oceans with the type of potion that will slap fish in crystal
clear waters, from the hood pledge witty stood on the edge
of the city and like P DIDDY ready to make a band at home hedge
trim, grass cut with BRIGGS AND STRATTON yard big like Manhattan
failure after failure and all the paraphernalia causes despair batting
home-runs not enough this is hot stuff light up happy smoke but don't
puff, these facts astound and wreck like background check they won't
go away and the flow sway, suddenly my cell phone flash words using
class verbs in a message a girl sent a love text to me it was amusing
I'm losing my mind laughing she wants my body oddy at a party refusing
to go without me now that's love, and this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA
BEACH now see a chick and have to be quick she's a red bone with tender
yellow skin a yellow Soul Sista not afraid to lie she parade with pie surrender
her love to me we go to the club and be hugged up, when that happen then
begin rapping don't care want to be there and aware we could fall in love end
result she dress in a wedding gown spreading love around she light skin
all type of men try get some wet from bottom to top need a girlfriend
“LOOK BOO you a red bone we can head home that mellow yellow got me
stun so hello hun you strut that round butt from the ground up but gee
need a pound of luck, concern no doubt because if it turns out that we
are lovers gonna be surprised and wanna see pies go home to bed your
lips are a strong red make my head go around not a headache jest more
red cake don't think that's evil inside your thing pink and legal on the brink
of being feeble for some, girl you plum hurl butt when you walk can't think
straight now we here at WAWA and so far tonight it's on like the Twilight
Zone starring Rod Serling it's odd whirling verse a Merlin thirst to try ignite
magic and fight dragons, and the worst I can say is that I thirst today for your
yellow body boo you gonna give me a little bit to fiddle wit girl I adore
your style it's wild so smile” “NAW PLAYER you lay it on thick but not
gonna play with my lipstick you equipped with sick words and my stop
watch tick absurd and some quick birds wing above you bling in the club
it shine in my eyes while you try find pies nickel and dimes vibes by scrubs
don't belong in a love affair only slow songs flow along with this, well my
mini-skirt is pulled down so I don't worry and won't hurry to lift it you try
sniff a little bit of my perfume that's a legit boom of what go on in a room
between boy and girl destroy a world of bed sheets boys go deep and boom
break the bed, so we in the hummer with sweet trends can't find a plumber
on the week end my sink leak while I think of sweet stuff and phone numbers
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