Black Poetry : Prevail with chemistry and like a retail shoe industrythis stuff abuzz with talks of a new ministrythat's a big boom aheadwhile you in the room li


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May 11, 2006
prevail with chemistry and like a retail shoe industry
this stuff abuzz with talks of a new ministry
a legal wreck deserves equal respect
so he write a sequel correct
that fell on the deck
of a ship never was a reject
to the lab he's gone back to get
known facts which are grown acts
of wisdom, he write script as a master
and stand on a strip of pasture
and milk cows see a girl in silk
and yell wow this girl's body is built
her lips red when there's a headwind
that'll blow up my skirt eat a doughnut then
alert her coo-chee change to Krispy Kreme
and boys yell yum yum and want some, seem
to go nuts, its hard to escape
when a boy talks about cake
she was listening
while he was kissing
that's a big boom ahead
while you in the room lips are red
got wisdom for preaching
but like a system of teaching
need textbooks and bibles
to take complex look at disciples
like the privileged in a library
saw a chick and try marry
walked proud but talked too loud
kicked out as the wrong thoughts cloud
his mind, his plan is great and like a candidate
he debate issues and create militias that's fake
saw a girl her breast spin
like the west wind
she must drink from fountains
and her thing pink in the mountains
“LOOK BOO like a wicked king
love to kick it with bling
never abuse his power
and use a shower
to wash it down
then squash a clown
so boo my pride talk
and abuts like sidewalks
on streets need a strong speak
“NAW PLAYER I'm a legal boo equal to
a queen with hot panties, flow best to true
protests worth it
in a nation along with perfect
vacation after quarantine
seeing my desire being on fire
amazed at the blaze this require
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