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Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
President Barack Obama

By Chief Elder Osiris

You know beloved, I have been in deep meditation concerning President Obama and when I meditate my energy is concentrated upon our Divine First Way ancestors, People that we know is not a phantom, not a fantasy conceived by our imagination, but was of flesh and blood as you and I, because we are descendants from them.

The First Way Ancestors had the knowledge that caused them to be Divine Beings, and such knowledge was about knowing What God Is, The meaning and purpose of both Universe, and about themselves, in term of where they fit within those dynamics of Energy action.

So I will share some but not all with you, what I see, and what has been revealed to me about the President of the United States Of America today, now what I am intuitive experiencing concerning the president, it is not all clear to me yet.

There are still something, to use a phrase some what of Morpheus, in the Matrix, but not verbatim, that something I am experiencing is like a splinter stuck in my mind, aggravating me, preventing me from seeing clearly what I need to know concerning what I am intuitively being made to feel, but is not yet for me to see, for me to know, concerning the president.

In my state of meditation, I am informed that when considered to be Black and Afrikan, and you find it upon your self to declare your self to be neutral concerning the conflict that has been created to involve Black People and our oppressors, those who find it self convenient to make such a claim of neutrality while Black, can not be trusted by Black People, and will serve to be a nuisance to Black People.

So someone that is more of a aggravation to Black People and is crafty in their character and personalty, that which serve not to be of benefit to the people that someone is claiming to be a genetic part of, but serve to be more of a friend and benefit to those people with a history of repressing and oppressing Black Afrikan People, is a danger to the Liberation of Black people and must be considered to be your enemy.

Now I know some of you do not want to see this Divine Truth and it is making you angry, but beloved, that is not my intention to do to you, my obligation is to share with you the Divine truth, knowing that you can take it or reject it, so be at ease with what I am sharing with you, beloved..

Which bring me to President Obama and the character and personality he is conveying in the position of president of America.

Barack Obama is not who you believe he is, he is not who he is being portrayed to be before the World, and especially the Black World and he can become a cold and vicious tyrant of a leader when it come to the affairs of Black People, not Arab People, or White People, or all in between, but to Black Afrikan People.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

This In No way By Any Mean To Be disrespectful To The President Of The United States Of America, And This Is Not Being Shared, Wrapped In Emotion, Swayed In Any Way To Serve As An Advantage Or Disadvantage For Anybody Or Race.

The one thing that set Obama off of his Center of conditioning, is Black Afrikans who are the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, Obama is not comfortable when the issue of Black Afrikans in America who are here by way of the middle passage, come before him, in need of being addressed by him.

Yet I am shown that the best way to complicate matters for America and the president, is for Black people to rise up in full dress for a massive street demonstration against the attitude that America has taken far to long, in avoiding the issue of Race, Chattel Slavery, and Reparation.

Why are these complicating issues for president Obama and America, well it is simple, those are exclusively issues of the Black Afrikan cause, those Black People who are not immigrants in America.

Obama was created and sent to once and for all defeat the Black Cause of resentment and disaffection among Black People in America, not any Black Afrikan, but those Black Afrikans who are the Daughters and Sons of the victims of Chattel Slavery, which is a verified history of America, whose president today, is Barack Obama.

There is no Black Child of Chattel Slavery, who is with dignity and self respect for the actuality of our Blackness, and for the self of our Enslaved Ancestors, that will speak with low esteem about the history and endurance of those Black Afrikans that was held to be on the level of the oppressors Animals, label to be only 3/5 equivalent to people referring to themselves as being White, a sign of superiority over Black Afrikan People.

Now, that is a fact Obama can't rationalize away, with his slick and quick conditioned tongue, because you see, if Obama was the coming from our First Way Ancestors, he would not have been selected to become president of America, because when you are Ancestral Sent, the Black Afrikan and Afrika condition is not to be compromise and to know that Obama is not the One, is the fact that he now occupy the highest compromising position in world politics.

So there is no way that Obama can be of service that will benefit the Black Afrikan child of our Enslaved Ancestors, again, he occupies a very compromising position in America, the President of the United States of America.

But that is alright, because if we should do what we Black People are required to do, while Obama is President, Reparation will be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors by all who participated in creating the institution of Chattel Slavery, and the right will be bestowed upon the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, to become the next State in Afrika.

Such a State will come with full independence and sovereignty, serving as the preparation for the rise of the Black Afrikan Nation in Unity, and for the return of Afrika back under the stewardship of the Black Afrikan Nation.

Now, any Black Afrikan, operating today without our ability to Divinely Think, and is making claim to be leaders of Black Afrikan people in America, with Chattel Slavery relationship to our Enslaved Ancestors, and cannot see Divine Justice in such a development, they must be labeled as they truly are, Traitors to the Black Afrikan Race and to Afrika.

Beloved, Obama has come to put the Black Nationalist in a Compromising position, and if not, to bring to the demise of the Black Nationalist, Black Power Philosophy, goal, and objective, as was so emphasized by the Honorable Marcus Garvey.

Listen Beloved Black Afrikan, you who are here in America By Way Of The Middle Passage, Divine Justice owed To Our Enslaved Ancestors has no expiration date, and we must not allow president Obama to place one upon it, which he is sent to do, so says the gods, Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors.

Next, What I will Share With You, Will Be On The Iran Crisis, If Permitted By Our First Way Ancestors, Who All Of Us Carry Within Us Genetically.

Therefore I wait for a much clearer Meditative vision, concerning the President Of America.

This Revelation Is Not Meant to Be disrespectful Toward Anybody, Only To Reveal By Sharing This Divine Truth With You, You Who are Not, Ignorantly Intelligent.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?


Chief Elder

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Beloved, I know, you have every opportunity to disagree with that which I share and when you do, I am not offended, because my obligation is to share that which I know is True Divinely So.

Most Time we hear without understanding the sound that attract our attention and we look at what we want to be true while seeing not.

Beloved, my every move, my ever thought is motivated by the affection and concern I have for our children, therefore I refuse to be guilty for not sharing the Divine Truth about our condition and the deceit that guide us in the world, America included.

Never will I share with the children a lie that motivate them to believe the not reachable dream in America, and that is all that our Children has to do is look at president Obama and believe what they are looking at is truly real and all that they need to do is to bend over and grab their boot straps and away they go to becoming all that they desire to be in America, because the only hinderence in America that will cause them from reaching the Obama level in America will be themselves, no way will I share such a Lie to be true with our children.

I will not be an enabler to such a misguided Truth beloved.

The most dangerious thing we can do against our children is to not share the Divine Truth With Them, beloved.

I will not be the one to prolong the lie told to our children or to Black People in general, of all age.

I know that was not a Martin kuther King dream like revelation, but beloved I am not permitted to apologize for sharing the Divine Truth.

I am not Sorry beloved for being serious about the need for our Liberation, which will come only by our united effort and not by some misguided dream to have in and about America, beloved.

You do not know for how long I toiled over revealing that Truth that now have you so up set, never in a million years would I desire to up set you beloved, but do you suggest to me that I Lie to our children and the Black World just so that I might not offend some one with the Divine Truth, beloved.

In closing beloved, I must say, if I must walk this Divine Path alone, it will not be because I did not invite others to walk such a Divine path together, sharing the Divine Truth.

I have not ever shared a known and premeditated lie with the destee family and it is my desire to keep that record as is beloved.

Then to, I desire that you not be so disgusted with me for sharing the Divine Truth, tell me do you desire that I stop sharing the Divine truth with the destee family?

If so, then I will humbly comply if that is what needed to ease your agony that seem to come to you, by me sharing the Divine Truth with the members here on Destee.

Be Kind To Your Self, beloved

Chief Elder

emanuel goodman

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Jun 25, 2006
social worker
Most want to sweep the mess under the bed to pretend the room is clean now that obama is in office. However ignoring anything especially pain does not it go away it only makes stronger. There is a reason that all the great myths have a few that see and know what's going on while the masses continue to stay asleep.

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