Black Poetry : premeditated karma


Mar 4, 2004
If there is a witness in the forum tonight too….
That noting succeeds like success
Say yes!

If this world is an oyster, then I came to eat it out
Until it leaves scratch marks
All around my neck

I guess we all know people who couldn’t win
Even if every one else in this world conceded and forfeited
If god gave some people Micheal Jordan’s talent they would just lay up
And not be able to score with it

But because I love u

I’m about to do things with this poem that none of u will ever forget
My brothas
U will leave this poem tonight with your brains hard
My sistas
You will leave this poem with your minds wet
That the man who writes this

My sistas no need to twist up your faces
My brothas no need to nod
Just read from me
There is energy surrounding me like skin
And when this poem here tonight ends
I want you all to come closer to me
Cause I am now qualified to show each and every one of u
How things are supposed to be
Our supervisor has authorized me
To give each of u insight 36 degrees of exactly
What your soul controls

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t show u how to put candle wax in tops
And shoot scales with miaat to do cannabis with ANUBIS and use feathers to measure heats to smoke angel dust with angels and hit meth with Metastopholies while other souls fall victim to prophecies for improperly trying to copy the signs and symbols of the galaxy
Their fallacy is in their analogy they’ve become over dependant .on technology
Instead on using their minds to shape this reality
But u
U have created me …..
To poetically show u what u need to see
But that u have called me into existence
There is no such soul as tha hookupman u see
Your mind has placed me on this forum
At this hour
on this day
To show u things that u you have already suspected
be but needed psychosomatically suggested to u anyway

If there is a witness in the forum tonight.
That noting succeeds like success
Say yes!

There are those people make things happen
Those people who watch things happen
Those people who find out what happen thru
Destee’s soap opera im digest

I quess we all know people who couldn’t get a life
if they was giving them away free with traffic tickets
its sad to say but some people are stuck on failure
Like adolescent boys are struck on pornographic pictures

But my be love it
None of us are made out of any special molecules
Every molecule
Is infinite
And all things found outside it can all so be found within it
So in that since noting is ever created or invented
energy just changes from form to form
they say the only thing new in this world
is the history u haven’t heard yet
The only advantage other souls have over yours is the mathematics u haven’t learned yet
It is thru mathematics that I have collected these degrees
Is it thru mathematics that I
No longer need a ….j.o.b
It is thru mathematics that I had the audacity to hire 3 employees
And check this out

I still don’t know what it is that I do for a living

The one thing that permeates this existence is balance
And those of us who succeed at 180 degrees to each challenge
We think, walk talk and interact to the intermitted frequencies of the galaxy
And those of us who fail.. fail because we refuse to use our minds to redesign this reality
They put their lives in hands of the universe like dice , then look surprise when the universe hands them back snake eyes

If there is a witness in the forum tonight.
That noting succeeds like success
Say yes!

God could put a big fat yellow halo over some people’s heads all day
And they would still refuse to believe that they where blessed
I quess we all know people who couldn’t prosper even if u gave them 50grand on consignment
Them fools would prolly go out and get them a platinum Rolex
Get robbed for it and spend the rest of their life’s wondering where the time went

Success is never a mistake it is always ….premeditated karma!!!!

hookup :time: :thanks: ..


Well-Known Member
May 16, 2004
dang..its funny cuz i was jus writng on sucess.... i loved ur realness... and "jokes" as well. u spit some real ish. 360 degrees of knowledge.tyte drop.hookupman


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Oct 4, 2003
Yes, the depths of this....We each have what is needed within us to thrive, yet having the right stuff, but not knowing what to do with it, leaves us wanting, and behaving as though we never had it to begin with. Feeling this more than you know. Flow on brotha.


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Aug 11, 2003
Da' Gump
Scheduling Coordinator for large Health System
Dig that....

Once again Brutha HookUp has brought it to us folks,

This brutha knows who he is...

:teach: TEACH !!!

Peace & Love
Akilah :spinstar:
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