Black People Politics : Pre/Post election Terrorism in the Red State of Indiana.


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Nov 2, 2009
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a couple of days after the election, The Associated press reported :
"Indianapolis Explosion Reportedly Levels At Least 2 Houses, Damages Dozens More"

My first thought was: why is this in the "Green" section of the Huffington Post.. my second thought was: this was a politically motivated (KKKish) act of Terrorism.

The AP story stayed as far away from that line of thinking as possible and floated the idea that it may have been caused by a gas leak. But take a look:


That's no gas leak.

And when you add the fact that a little over 1 month earlier on September 30th, in this same city, Bryant Steele, a Gay African American man was murdered in a house fire.
This story was reported in the Gay Voices section of the Huffington Post:

Bryant Steele, Indianapolis Man Killed In House Fire, May Have Been Targeted For Being Gay:

It doesn't take a great detective to connect the dots between these stories and the election.. but the obvious correlations are left uncorrelated for reasons to do with Nationalism and denial. Had these events occurred in some other country around election time, the American press would label it right away.

And yes Indiana is as Red a State as their is in the United States.



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Feb 28, 2009
Indiana Neighborhood Explosion: Two Questioned in Connection to Blast

..."Our investigators are talking to individuals we have identified as potentially having relevant information," Prosecutor Terry Curry said.
Earlier this week ABC News learned that authorities are now saying they believe the blast in the subdivision just south of Indianapolis Nov. 10 that killed John and Jennifer Longworth was caused intentionally.

Police won't say who they are questioning, but cell phone video captured by Brad Horton and his girlfriend Whitney Essex shows a SWAT team descending on a mobile home park in southwest Indianapolis.

"These people came in tanks with people on top of them," Essex told ABC News.

The couple says their neighbor Bob Leonard was led away for questioning. Leonard is the brother of Mark Leonard, who is dating Montserrate Shirley, who along with Mark Leonard, lives in the home that exploded.

"It was pretty serious. They don't pull those [tanks] out for just anything," Horton said.


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Feb 28, 2009
Video says that POSSIBLY gas may have been deliberately released into the home and detonated remotely.


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Feb 28, 2009
Whoever did this is one sick puppy (or puppies).

And my heart goes out to the families of the wife/husband killed in their home, next door.

You can only imagine that there wasn't much left to "bury" after a blast of that magnitude..... It is especially grieving to not be able to "say good-bye."

..."Closed-casket" funerals or having NO BODY at all is so hard on loved ones.

My family personally knows that heartache.

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