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Aug 18, 2013
The question should be: how many Yoruba have appreciated Ifa which our ancestors left behind for us?

The science in Ifa is much more advanced than the science being done today.

This age long traditions helps us in every way. Apart from our duties to our ancestors (speaking to Yoruba people), it also contains vast knowledge of the universe, seen and unseen. We can use this knowledge plus our experience through colonization and contact with the world to organize ourselves better than we have, we can pick up from where our ancestors left off.

This game Nigeria is playing, this Western follow follow thing is not for us, we can't win a game we have no experience in. We need to pick up from where we stopped before being interrupted by Foreign religions.

This is me speaking now, we must return to our traditions it is what is being discussed on the continent and we need all to be in sync in communication in diaspora with this progress.

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