Ghana : Possible OPEC newest members: Ghana


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Oct 25, 2005
Looks like America will have Ghana lockdown and it may OFFSET some HEALTH issues which I will POST.

I think Ghana needs to take a NOTE from NIGERIA in terms of SPENDING that MONEY from OIL in building a REFINERY. Actually more than ONE. If so then Ghana can become a OIL PROCESSING JEWEL even taking on and perhaps OVRER NIGERIA OIL too. That should be FIRST PRIORITY otherwise all the ILLS associated with OIL in AFRICA will just MAGNIFY the MISERY it BRINGS ALONG WITH IT.

There is OIL all over the EARTH but its extremely unprofitable TO DRILL and PUMP IT UP from DEEP DEEP DEEP DEPTHS. Africa has areas where OIL is still near the SURFACE and EASY to PROCESS.

It looks like for AMERICA you CARS HEALTH and your STRESS will be brought to a BIT OF EASE with this DISCOVERY.

We should be seeing more GHANIANS coming to AMERICA as a result.

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