Brother AACOOLDRE : Pop Quiz on the Odyssey before school starts


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

An Afrocentric focus

1. Why does Homer call Hercules from Thebes black? 1. Black coal. 2. Black like night. 3. Soil black.( See book 9)

2. The Trojan horse used to hide soldiers who overtook Troy was symbol of Poseidon, a God of: 1 Fire. 2.Quakes & Tremors 3. Hurricanes

3. The kidnaping of Helen, the primary cause of the war, received gifts from Egypt from Alcandre & Polydamna 1. Silver and bronze mirrors. 2 A golden Goblet and pearl. 3. Drugs and silver bathing tubs.(See odyssey Book 4:125;230)

4. Did black Ethiopian soldiers fight in Troy? True or false see (Iliad 4:280)

5. What three Greek Gods are named after Egyptian gods Amen, Thoth and Ptah? 1.Zeus, Hermes, Hephaistos. Or Iris, Jason and Amphion

6. How long did Homer stay in Egypt? 1 8years, 2. 10 years, or 3. 7 years

7. The Odyssey is a version of the 1. Egyptian book of the Dead or 2. Plato’s Republic. Circle 1 or 2

8. Ancient historian Herodotus said that Helen was never in Troy but a double went there while she stayed in 1. Greece. 2. Egypt. 3. Israel

9. What other black men and women play roles in the Iliad & Odyssey? Eurybates, Peteos, Polydamna, Memnon, Erechtheus, Tantalos and Alcandre. Which one is Greek?

10. Durning the time the Odyssey was written Egypt was considered the best place to receive medical treatment and medicine. Does the Odyssey reflect this true or false circle one.

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