Brother AACOOLDRE : Pop Quiz # 7 Bus Boycott/Civil Rights


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Jul 26, 2001
POP QUIZ #7 MLK Bus boycott/Civil Rights

1. 1955 Alabama Bus Boycott launched the Civil Rights Movement by Rosa Parks. What was it all about. One answer is irrelevant. Circle it below:

A. First come first serve on the bus. B. Reduce bus fare. C. Courtesy by bus drivers
D. Hire black bus drivers on black routes.

2. How many times was MLK arrested between 1955-1968. A. 50. B. 70. C. 120 D. 150.

3. What machine was used to mass produce leaflets giving notice of the Boycott.
A. Xerox machine. B. Mimeograph machine. C Print press . D Teletype/Telegraph
E. Phone pyramid

4. How long did the bus boycott last. A. 6months. B. 1 year. C. 9 months

5. How much did it cost to get on the bus in 1955. A. 5 cents. B. 15 cents. C. 10 cents

6. What year was MLK stabbed by a mentally ill black woman. A. 1960. B. 1968. C. 1958

7. What was the name of MLK gay friend. A. Stanley Levison. B. Bayard Rustin. C. Julian Bond.

8. What year did President Ronald Reagan sign bill making King birthday a national holiday.
A. 1984. B. 1980. C. 1986. D. 1987

9. Why did the FBI director Hoover hate MLK. A. King criticized FBI for not protecting black people and property. B. Hoover thought blacks were communists who wanted to overthrow government. C. Hoover wanted blacks to stay second class citizens. D. All of the above.

10. Who introduced MLK to the non violence of Gandhi?. A. School studies. B. Bayard Rustin. C. Malcolm X. D. Andrew Young

11. Who was King close aide/friend who turned into a Judas to accuse king of having sex outside of his marriage. A. James Bevel. B. Hosea Williams C. Ralph Abernathy

12. James Earl Ray convicted of killing king in 1968 died in prison when. A. 1990. B. 1998. C. 1969. D. 1972.

13. What was the phrase of the boycott. A. “My feets is tired, but my soul is rested”
True or false.

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