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Feb 15, 2001
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I've studied this topic for several years, investigating it as a possibility of giving fathers to the many children in the United States without fathers. It may seem an odd subject, but not as odd as children growing up without father figures in their lives. This is not as simple as it seems. Give it some thought. I am very interested in your replies. The Annabaptist tried this and were slaughtered for their efforts. The early church even granted dipensation after wrs for a man to have more than one wife in order to replace the male children.

Polygamy Treatise​

Although overt polygamy is rare in the United States, it is common around the world. Of 1170 societies recorded in Murdock’s Ethnographic Atlas, polygyny (some men having more than one wife) is prevalent in 850. Even though simultaneous marriages to multiple partners are not officially recognized, divorce and remarriage leads to a common pattern known as “serial monogamy”, in which males remarry more frequently than females and are more likely than females to have children by more than one spouse.

Although the number of males and females are approximately equal at birth, in many societies, including the United States, these ratios are not equal at the time they join the marriage pool. In some societies many males die off by disease, murder and warfare. In many societies large proportions of males leave smaller towns to move into larger cities leaving behind a substantial excess of women.

The reality is that monogamy is not the norm among human society. In the United States alone (a monogamous country) 60% of men and 40% of women have extramarital affairs.

It is unreasonable to assume that all of these affairs are because of the failures and shortcomings of individual husbands and wives.

We give lip service to monogamy but in actuality society plays a significant role in the undermining of monogamous relationships, but that is not to excuse individuals and their roles. Monogamy is something most people say the believe in and want for themselves. Survey after survey has shown that on this question a high percentage of people think that monogamy is important to marriage and that having affairs are wrong. Still, a belief in monogamy doesn’t prevent many people from having extramarital affairs.

What is wrong? This means challenging many of our most cherished beliefs about monogamy and affairs. It means questioning old assumptions and maybe even giving some of them up to the truth. Out attitudes about monogamy and affairs are so ingrained that it will be difficult if not impossible to consider anything that deviates from those beliefs.

A new understanding of affairs involves more than just changing our thinking about the causes of affairs. It also includes changing our thinking about how to handle the issues of blame, secrecy, self-esteem, getting help, and whether to stay in the marriage.

Polygamy in the Bible

Ultimately, in debate or consideration in this country will be linked to social custom and most prominently to the Judeo-Christian ethic that this country was built around. What does the Bible say about polygamy. Actually, it says little at least as far as laws are concerned. In fact, the Bible is filled with examples of polygamy and there is nothing said about it.


The first polygamist mentioned is Lamech in Genesis 4:19. Although he ended up killing someone for wounding him his bigamy is not mentioned. Abraham, the first Hebrew, and ancestor of all of Israel, had two wives, Sarah and her servant Hagar, Genesis 16:3. Esau, Abraham’s grandson had three wives - Judith, Bashemath and Mahalath, Genesis 26:34, 28:9.
Jacob, the father of the twelve tribes of Israel had Rachel and Leah, who were sisters and their servants Bilhah and Zilpah, Genesis 29, 30. Without these four wives there would be no Israel. Gideon whose name is now associated with the Bibles that are prominently distributed through hotel chains today, had 70 sons, “for he had many wives” - Judges 8:30.
King David, one of God’s favorites, had many wives—Michal (Samuel 18:27), Ahinoam, Abigail, Maacah, Haggith, and Eglah (2Samuel3) Of course there was Bathsheba in 2Samuel 11:27. David was condemned for this wife because he had committed adultery with Bathsheba. Solomon had three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines, Kings 11:3.

You get the idea. There are more cases like this in the Bible and there are even indications of the laws governing such liaisons. The Old Testament had rules to regulate and limit its application in certain circumstances. The kings of Israel weren’t supposed to “multiply wives” to themselves, Deuteronomy 17:17. You weren’t supposed to take a woman’s sister to be her “rival wife” while she was still living, Leviticus 18:18. And, you weren’t to marry both a woman and her mother, Leviticus, 20:14. Bigamy was recognized and regulated by the Law of Moses. Just like a normal marriage, bigamy had its fair share of problems, and the law intervenes in Deuteronomy 21:15-17 to make sure that children get what they’re entitled to.

Common Reaction from Christians

Many Christians claim to follow the Bible, but when they read about polygamy they have a feeling that it’s wrong. They often think that somewhere in the Bible it is banned and perhaps even recall sermons when Christian leaders have either directly condemned it or at least suggested that it was sinful if not come right out and say it directly. Often this is because we allow other people to do or Christianity for us. It should be a little disconcerting for avid Bible readers reconciling the polygamy, that was openly practiced by many of the Biblical patriarchs, with the popular teaching of Christianity today that marriage means monogamy. There are two many example to the contrary for this not to be obvious and a potential issue.

The Marriage Institution

Marriage hasn’t always been the norm at least as we know it. It has progressed steadily from the loose and promiscuous matings of the herd through many adaptation which culminated in combining pairs, the union of one man and one woman as the highest social order.

The main driving forces behind this establishment of what is commonly thought to be the highest social order has been the need to regulate property and religion. However, the real reason that safeguards marriages into infinity is the simple biological fact that men and women positively will not live each, whether they are savages or cultured.
Simply said it is sex that drives this need to be together. It is the eventual civilizer of the savage because it leads man to think and thinking eventually leading to loving. Still, it is well to recognize that marriage is an artificial mechanism created by society to regulate and control sexual relationships and the descent, inheritance, succession and social order which was the original function.

The Family

The family is a stabilizer of the marriage institution along with the property laws. Pride, vanity, chivalry, duty and religious convictions are other potent factors in the marriage institution.


While marriages may be stabilizing influences and organizers for the distribution of property and lines of accession they are hardly made in heaven. Marriage is a distinctly human institution. It was brought about by humans and not by the church. It is true that religion greatly influences it but marriage as we know today is the workings of social custom and mores.
Primitive marriages were primarily industrial; and even marriages of today it is often social or business affairs that drive them. Various cultures have dowries and marriages of convenience. They are not based upon love but upon the need to keep the social order.

The idea of romantic love came later. It was this combined with the idealization of marriage and romantic love that eventually led to the disappointment and heartbreak experienced by many in today’s cultures.

The Idealization of Marriage

Marriage which culminates in the home is indeed man’s most exalted institution, but essentially it is human. It should have never been called a sacrament. The Sethite priests made marriage a religious ritual but for thousands of years after Eden mating continued as a purely social and civil institution.

This linking of human associations to divine association has been unfortunate. It has only been recognized as a sacrament in several of the major religions today but it persists as a holy ritual. The union of husband and wife is a material function of mortals. Spiritual progress may accrue upon sincere human efforts of husband and wife to progress, but this does not mean that marriage is necessarily sacred. Spiritual progress depends upon sincere application of righteousness in other human endeavors.

It is unfortunate that certain religious groups have assumed that marriage is a divine action. Such beliefs lead directly to the insolubility of the marital state regardless of the circumstances or wishes of the contracting parties. Of course this falls back to “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” This is basically saying that no matter what the circumstances a couple will remain thus joined until such a time as the divine will decree their separation. But regarding marriage, which is truly a human institution, who shall presume to sit in judgment to say which marriages are unions that might be approved by the universal supervisors in contrast with those that are purely human n nature. (Married at the Justice of the Peace)

Still we are in a family crisis as marriages fail fifty percent of the time in this country. The numbers have remained steady for more than a decade and show no signs of changing. Why? There are a variety of reasons. Easy divorce. People are less inclined to put up with anything that is less than ideal. They often come to the realization too late that marriages take work. The new independence of women. Welfare. Crime and incarceration. The list goes on and on. But, one of the biggest problems with today’s marriages in this country is the failure to set realistic expectations.

As long as we fail to properly educate children and youths in a realistic fashion about marriage and divorce things will not change. As long as the existing social order blatantly dismisses discussing sexuality, marriage and responsibility there will continue to be problems. And, as long as immature and unwise youthful romanticism and idealism is unchecked, divorce will remain prevalent.

The Numbers

For every 100 single women of marriageable age in the United States, there are fewer than 70 single men. As people get older this number changes and the statistics get worse. By the age of 45, for every 100 available men there are over 200 single women.

What happens? Well these excess women don’t go without a fight. Natural instincts propel humans as other animals to mate and reproduce. Single women will respond to biological needs and they will continue to attempt to secure a man of their own.


Under our current social system, divorce is the only recognized solution of providing husbands and fathers for the surplus women. We have not only the highest divorce rate in history, but we have the highest rate of illegitimacy in our history and the highest rate of children living in single parent homes.

Making Divorce Tougher

In a misguided attempt to preserve the family some people and bumbling politicians and religious rhetoricians are suggesting that we make divorces more difficult to get. It will not work. Never has worked. And has no chance. All it ends up doing is leading to more creative ways to leave a bad marriage the simplest being just walking away. No one will sleep on a bed of nails regularly when other obvious solutions are available such as simple getting up and changing beds. We cannot legislate morality. We have tried. And, we have failed.

Supply and Demand

Whenever you have a demand that exceeds supply an inflated value is attached to the item in short supply which in this case would be men. Unattached women will compete with each other to their own detriment, for a chance at the marriage lottery. This self-defeating competition had led to more and earlier promiscuous sex. The woman carried the competition into the bedroom believing she can capture the prize, not knowing that she may be actually making the prize harder to obtain and making it harder for her sisters to obtain also. Men tend to take what they can get and marry what they can’t have.


Women sometimes live with men to solve this problem but is no guarantee. It main benefits are for the man. He has a live-in helper without the responsibility. Self-image and disease are also issues for these single women. Staying attractive in the mating race is expensive, hard work and often hazardous to your health. Women often live in fear of gain pounds, of looking anything but their best and staying physically fit.

Single Parent Homes

There are too many single parent homes -- 12 million of them! There are too many homes where the father is absent -- 10 million! There are too many children growing up without a father (more than 50%) US News and World Report magazine reports that one-third of the children born now are illegitimate. And, half of those children live in poverty.

Recently Divorced Women

Recently divorced women are especially susceptible to a predatory single man. Sooner or later she will be left behind is she presses for a commitment. He will move on to easier conquests.

All the Good Men are Taken

This familiar line has a certain amount of truth to it. The men most women would find attractive and marriageable “are” all ready taken. There are a variety of ways to improve the quality of men available for women to marry. However, it would do nothing to increase the marriage pool for single women. Plural marriage could improve women’s chances. Plural marriages would men that a woman would not have to for any man rather than none at all. The man who is kind, considerate and caring, gentle and loving is the man who will attract women to his household. Women will want to be with him. Plural marriages mean that if a woman could share a husband, her chances are better of getting a good one.

Plural Marriage

This is not for everyone. No more than any religion or belief is for everyone. Plural marriage is for the woman of whatever age who doesn’t want to live alone, who want to be part of a family and who wants a man in her life.


Society has an interest in promoting monogamy. Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is one. Stable monogamous relationships in saving, acquisition of property and personal economic growth. Stable-long term relationships also contribute to health and longevity.


Firstly, this system isn’t an excuse for sexually promiscuous relationships. It is a system of developing family, not just the bringing together of a man and woman.

Martin Luther and Malechethon both were approached by the German Prince who wished to have a second wife, the first wife was in agreement as were both of the parents. Both Luther and his associates agreed that polygamy was not against the Christian religion and that plural marriage was better than adultery, which was a common practice of the nobility of the day (has anything changed), and so the approved and the prince was married to the second wife. When the secret marriage was discovered Luther proposed a good strong lie!

An entire German community in Muenster called the Annabaptist was burned to the ground occupied by the Annabaptist who were practicing polygamy as a community, for no other reason than they were practicing polygamy. What is surprising is after the 30 years war, Germany’s male population was so devastated a church council condoned and allowed multiple wives. For ten years a man could take more than one wife. Even in the mid 1800’s in Guatemala, after the civil war, the male population had so dwindled a papal dispensation allowed the practice of polygamy among Catholic men.
Is polygamy a dead issue. In January of 1996 The New York Times ran an article about more than 100,000 polygamists living in Paris alone.

In Asia, mistresses have largely replaced concubines because men found it better for themselves. Mistresses have fewer rights than formally recognized concubines. Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? A typical male response to such a situation. It costs less to keep a mistress because they are not legally or openly recognized as in the more formal concubine tradition.

The Bible recognized them as wives before a solemn covenant with God and protected their rights. Concubines were protected under Mosaic Law, Exodus 21:7-11; Deuteronomy 2:10-14, even though they were distinguished from wives, Judges 8:31, and were more easily divorced, Genesis 21:10-14. Concubinage was legally sanctioned and socially accepted in ancient cultures although they were not entitled to the same rights as a wife.


American divorce courts show that monogamy does very well at promoting and producing sinful behavior and carnal problems between mates and the parents in law. The problem is still sin and the flesh, not monogamy of polygamy.

Two-thirds of the world’s population live in societies where concubines and mistresses are officially sanctioned and the other third live in societies where mistresses and common law wives are officially sanctioned. The plight of most wives and mistresses and concubines are worse now than when polygamy were legal because then at least they had some security and commitment from their mates even if they took additional wives, while they are now dumped when a man takes a new wife or mistress.

In 1995 in Somalia, Rawanda or Burundi, Africa almost 50% of the women are widows and almost 50% of the marriageable men in their nation have been killed or missing for months. The women have a choice to live as single widows risking hardship in war ravaged countries with no protection against sexual attack by roving homeless males. Or, they can become the wives or concubines of one of the few surviving stable and working males coming under the umbrella of a family and having the protection of not living alone.

Black inner city ghettos are facing the same critical shortage of marriageable males. In 1990 it was found that 33% of all black males aged 20-29 were either incarcerated, on parole or on probation. Approximately 1 out of every 25 black males is in prison. There are more females available for marriage than there are black males.

The vast majority of black males in prison range in age from 20-40 with most in tin the 25-36 age group. Most of these men will return to prison within a short time after they are released. Recently it was shown on national television that 7% of all black men are in prison.

Obviously, this means that there is a startling shortage of marriageable black men during their most productive years due to imprisonment or death. Homicide is the number one killer of African American youth between the ages of 14-22. Only 30% of African American women have their spouses available in their homes. which is about half the Caucasian rate.

One out of every 1000 black people is dying of AIDs. Only murder takes a higher toll on young black men. The third highest rate is abortion. More babies are being aborted. The black population has increased very little since in the last 20 years.

This all means that a significant number of Black males are unavailable for marriage or parenting during their most productive years. According to the Census Bureau 39% of black women never marry and 46% of black men never marry. Black women are not sought by other races for wives. Even black men have shunned them.

This leaves a large number of black females of marriageable age with no suitable male available and help raise children. Young black females with affectionate and passionate needs do not have enough suitable males for monogamous marriages so that leaves the frustration, promiscuity, lesbianism or bisexuality. In America bigamy and polygamy are illegal.

Should such an option be made available? Why shouldn’t ethically moral and Biblically acceptable concubinage be a viable option for such a population? This is not the first time this idea has been approached.

There seems to be a genuine shortage of men who are filled with the desire to get married and provide stable homes for their families and wives. The number of black men seeking to marry has drooped drastically as the number of women available has increased.

There is a sever gender crisis in the black community. One of out every twenty black males may die before the age of twenty-one. For those 20-35 years of age, homicide is the leading cause of death. Besides, many young black males are unemployed, in jail, or on dope. As a result at age 40 , one in four black women have never married. as compared with one in ten white women.

The end result of these tragic circumstances is that an increasing number of black women are engaged in what is commonly called “man-sharing,” meaning that these women are involved in affairs with married men. Usually the wives are unaware that other women are sharing their husband. Of course, this is one of the biggest problems is the secrecy and hidden. “Women will always prefer a tenth share of a first-rate man to the exclusive possession of a third-rate one.”

An answer could be consensus polygamy where it was agreed upon by all parties and acceptable to the community. Of course the rules governing such liaisons would be tremendous but it could offer a temporary solution.

Who Gets Left Out

Men will suffer in the long run because the more capable and more desirable will be the beneficiaries of such an arrangement. Women of less than desirable traits will also, Suffer. What chance will a woman will multiple children have of join one of these families. What about men who are unemployed or under employed? What chance will they have?

There are many reforms needed throughout the country to make this marriage lottery and family stability work out. Polygamy is not the answer but neither is monogamy in its present state.

In a country that tolerates prostitution and mistresses, this is surely a kinder and more ethical as well as moral answer to this total break down of society’s rules. Currently, it is Joanne. For both men and women.
There will also be other groups who could benefit such as the elderly and others.

Even evangelist Billy Graham has recognized some of the benefit and the moral hypocrisy of American culture. “Christianity cannot compromise on the question of polygamy. If present day Christianity cannot do so, it is to its own detriment. Islam has permitted polygamy as a solution to social ills and has allowed a certain degree of latitude to human nature but only within the strictly defined framework of the law. Christian countries make a great show of monogamy, but they actually practice polygamy. No one is unaware of the part the mistresses play in Western society. In this respect Islam is a fundamentally honest religion, and permits a Muslim to marry a second wife if he must, but strictly forbids all clandestine amatory associations in order to safeguard the moral probity of the community.”

In Islam, the regulations concerning polygamy limit the number of wives a man can have while making him responsible for all the women involved. “Marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them, then only one or one that your right hands possess. That will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice.” (Qur’an 4:3)

It is interesting to note that many countries, Muslim and non Muslim, have outlawed polygamy. Taking a second wife even whit the permission of the first wife is a violation of the law. However, cheating on the wife without her knowledge or consent is perfectly legitimate as far as the law is concerned

Martin Madan, who wrote a three volume work called Thelyphthora in 1780 and it contains practically every argument that can be made in favor of Old Testament polygamy. Madan states “The only real difference and substantial difference between the ancient Jews and the Christians is this: The former took a plurality of women whom they maintained, protected and provided for agreeable to God’s word. The latter take a plurality of women and turn them to ruin and destruction not only against God’s word but against every principle of justice and humanity.

Or, in other words if the Jew took as many as he could maintain, the Christian ruins as many as he can debauch. We may boast of our marriage and condemn polygamy, but there is not a nation under heaven where polygamy is more openly practiced than in this Christian country, for, though a man may marry but one at a time, he may have as great a variety as he pleases without ever marrying all . . .To punish a poor deserted creature for being a prostitute, when it is put out of her power to force her seducer to provide for her as the divine law enjoins, is equally cruel and foolish, not very unlike the man who threw his child into a ditch and then beat him for being dirty.”



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Aug 24, 2002
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Well stated & intelligiently argued Amun-Ra! In any society where the amount of available women exceeds the number of available men....polygamy is a logical choice. A lifetime of solitude, becoming a single parent, or homosexuality are not heathly alternatives. Polygamy does not go against the mores of Christianity (as you stated), it goes against the mores of Western civilization. This culture has not been to the benefit of black people. Although it may not be for everyone, we should reconsider the benefit of polygamous relationships, they can help to re-establish the black family.


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Feb 15, 2001
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Tuff Subject

This is one of those subjects that requires checking your emotions at the door or there will never be a discussion. However, that said, the case for polygamy is strong even though I doubt it would bear much weight once religion weighs in even though there is nothing in most religions that forbid it.



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Aug 24, 2002
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There are too many misperceptions about polygamy. Beside the opinion that it goes against is also believed that polygamy is another form of adultery/cheating. Indeed a black female journalist (Michelle Mitchell-Chicago SunTimes) wrote an article about black men in Chicago engaging in polygamous relationship, and how these relationships hurt black women. However, what the author described was cheating.....not polygamy. These were not voluntary relationship, but a man convincing a woman he was committed to her....then dating other women behind her back. I wrote a rebuttal to the author, informing her what polygamy is (she never responded). This article though served to show that despite the widespread opposition to polygamy in the US & Western Society in general......not many people know what it actually is.


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Feb 9, 2001
Amun-Ra said:
This is one of those subjects that requires checking your emotions at the door or there will never be a discussion. However, that said, the case for polygamy is strong even though I doubt it would bear much weight once religion weighs in even though there is nothing in most religions that forbid it.

Since coming to the forums, this is the topic that has had the greatest impact on me. These types of discussions have caused me to pause and take note of my beliefs, emotions, morals, values and opinions. When I arrived here, my views were primarily limited to and corralled within modern day western thought. I never considered the historical perspective on the subject nor gave much thought to the pros and cons it might have for our people today. My early approach was merely from an emotional and superficial standpoint until I started to read the writings of the more enlightened among us here and it's then that I began to shift gradually away from individualistic thinking and more toward the values of community living.

My view now is that polygamy has nothing to do with infidelity or sexual promiscuity. It's primary benefit is not about the number of sexual partners available to a man. I don't think that a polygamous relationship robs or cheats any woman from a relationship with a man. Everyone isn't suited for this type of bond. The one's that are should be allowed to live this type of life if they want to. As much sense as a relationship like this might make, some people still wouldn't be able to think of it any other way than wrong because of how they've been socialized. But what law would people be breaking if they chose this lifestyle as opposed to a monogamous one? None that I can see.

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