Black People : Politics And Black Folks In America Not By Choice

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Politics In And Of America Is The New Form Of Institutionalized Enslavement Of Black Afrikans In America Not By Choice!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Say what you will or may and that is all that we Black folks do today in America and that is why there will be no Divine Change in the living status collectively of Black Afrikan Americans who have lost all sense of Divine direction go that will lead to the Liberation of Black Afrikan people and Afrika.

Yes, I am sharing with Black Afrikan people that after approximately 500 years gone from the start of America enactment of Chattel Slavery treatment of Black Afrikans in America the condition mentally of Black Afrikans has grown to become worse than when the start of the implementation of America Chattel Enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestors and such evil crime has dripped to fall upon the Descendants of those Enslaved Ancestors who today proudly refer to ourselves as Black Afrikan America, which is a lie in statement identifying the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors today.

There is no Black Afrikan American, such be a deception of identity by Black Afrikans living in America, not by choice, you can't be Afrikan and America, the two implied identity is a contradiction of your Natural identity, there is no Nationalist relationship in being Afrikan and America at the same time indicating no separate patriotic mental performance, beloved.

Black Afrikans in America say things based on our educated indoctrination about our Black self, Lucifer has us well-trained to believe that it is more social, economic, political and religious accommodating for Black Afrikans in America to follow the lead of our oppressors when identifying our Black self, Black Folks in America not by choice take to talking more so than self-generating liberation action, we love to talk about God, Religion and the Future the three being the Trinity of illusion so you see, the Black Afrikan America has lived a life based on lies and self-deception, we really do believe we can fool our Black self as we lie to ourself all of the Time about the true state of our soul-mind, body, and spirit living condition today.

Black Afrikans living in America, not by choice have allowed ourselves to become encapsulated in the political institution of America, we now believe America politics will lead to us having a better living condition and position in America, we believe by identity alone will change the dynamics of the Black American experience and it will as long as we keep allowing ourselves to remain Religious, political believers, there is no such salvation to come to such a believing Black mind.

Either you fight for your Freedom or you Die in your oppression!!!

Divine Respect

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