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Jun 18, 2004
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North Carolina state trooper shot and killed an unarmed deaf, mute man who was using sign language only feet away from his home.

witnesses saw 29-year-old Daniel Harris, get shot “almost immediately” after getting out of his car and attempting to communicate with sign language.

If reports from neighbors are accurate, it doesn't appear the officer even tried, but pretty much shot and killed Harris mere seconds after he got out of the car.


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Oct 4, 2016
The thing that suprises me the most about police violence like this is that they get criticized for it but not often for what seems to me the core of the problem: cowardliness. Of course racism among the police is a hugh problem but even that wouldn't have to cause so many fatalities if the police officers wouldn't get as scared and nervous for what they percieve as a dangerous situation because there's a black person involved.

This time it's a disabled man that had a police officer scared like a little kid, last week I saw a helmet video of cop at a front door, he wanted to speak someone. One of the inhabitants said she would get the person he wanted to speak to, left the door a little open, the police officer pushed it open wide to have a peak and a dog walked out, barked at him as a lot of dogs do when there's a stranger in their front garden, and he shot and killed the dog. If a dog came at me like that I would have ignored it or told it to shut up, he had nothing in his paws that could be mistaken for a gun. And I'm not a police officer and never would be one because I don't think I'm the right kind of person. Police officers should be bit more courageous than the average citizen, it's the kind of person that keeps calm in stressful situations and can handle danger and fear that is fit for the job, not these cowards that protect themselves at all costs in the face of little or no danger.

When there was a rogue ex-cop who went killing other cops a couple of years ago, they even panicked completely and starting spraying bullits at practically random cars. If I were a police officer I would be ashamed of my collegues that scare so easily and losing it like that, isn't there some honour in handling the dangers of the job and be a bit macho about it? Shoudn't they take pride in not beeing whimps but tough guys? Shouldn't the media ask the question 'why do we have a police force with so many cowards?'.

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