Poet of the Week : POET OF THE WEEK sister (Sweet Apple*pie)


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
while this been such a beautiful week in glow
you shine bright and lovely as this now takes it's place
inside da history books of Destee.com as your is now scripted
your name is also scribed cross the walls beside many great poets
we humble thank u for who and what you are sister and your abid
kind love & grace within the community.....Thank u from da heart

U did it Sweet Apple*Pie as this thread becomes part of da legacy

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Destee wrote on Jahari Kavi's profile.
Hi Brother @Jahari Kavi ... Welcome Home! Good to see you! YAAAAAY Us! :love:
Destee wrote on Orisons's profile.
Hi Brother @Orisons ... good to see you in the house, stay safe always please :heart:
Destee wrote on Ms Drea's profile.
Hi My Dear Darling Sister! :kiss: :love: :kiss:
Destee wrote on beautifulblkw's profile.
Hi Sister!!!! :wave: :wave: :wave: So good to see you! Thanks for coming home! YAAAAAY! :yaay: Much Love and Peace! :love:
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