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Aug 19, 2004
within N.Y. State of Mind
$$RICH$$ said:
wow !!!!! what a week this was filled wit love
as this thread now take it's place surely your
name will be scribed in da HISTORY book of
DESTEE.COM and cross da wall beside many
great poets we honor and love u continue your
support to this community thank u our brutha Big Drizzle

As much I tried to tell yawl kind folks here @ Destee, that "I'M NOT A POET", yawl jes continue to ignore this and call me one anyway...To be totally honest wit yawl, those lil pieces I posted werent even meant to be read by the Destee Fam..But yawl read them anyway and said that yawl like them and felt them in some way or another...Still I cant call myself a poet nor would I eva do so...I do have much luv and respect for all of the real poets here on Destee such as u, Rich, and the countless others who are really passionate and truly dedicated to the art & craft of this poetic expression. With all that being said, I wanna thank each of every person who actually took their valuable time to even stop & read what I wrote becuz that time could've been more useful doing much better thangz...Even tho I am humbly thankful and grateful for all the kind wordz and luv shown to me, I feel that I'm being honored for something that I am not...I dont mean to put a damper on this parade, but im jes being real...


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It's been a good while, but this place has always been home. Thankful to be here.
Hi! I'm not as active on this account as I want to be. For one I tend to forget that this site exists until I check my email. Two, I'm currently in the process of building up a fine art site for Oklahoma black and native historical references. The references correlate with another site that will be a storytelling site that has not yet been produced.
Happy to be back and gaining more knowledge!
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Welcome Home Beloved! :wave: :love: