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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Destee, before I leave for work i'd like to say that you are a beautiful and intelligent woman.

You have a great website and I would never want to cause you any trouble.

I wish you the best and have a nice day.

awwwww ... well ... :blush: ... thank you very much !!! ... :hearts1:

we're glad to have you with us and please know that you are absolutely no trouble to / for me! ... :nails:

i wish you the best as well, and you have a nice day too !!!! ... :wave:

Much Much Love and Peace.




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Feb 26, 2013
That's what you're hoping since you consistently "like" posts that are AGAINST me anyway!

There are THOUSANDS of blackwomen like YOU who go AGAINST a REAL black man, which is why the black race will ALWAYS remain on the BOTTOM of AMERIKKKA!!!!

Really? "Likes"? You think I have something against you based on "likes"? Kind of stretching, but anyway...

Told you they were lenient. You were acting like she was really gonna shoot you with that shotgun, getting all on edge. :lol:


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Mar 10, 2011
Really? "Likes"? You think I have something against you based on "likes"? Kind of stretching, but anyway...

Told you they were lenient. You were acting like she was really gonna shoot you with that shotgun, getting all on edge. :lol:
Yeh, he was a little short in his posts before Destee rendered her verdict. But I hope he's learned a lesson from this. You just have to be careful and not allow anyone to provoke you. There nothing wrong with walking away.


Feb 28, 2009
Sister cherryblossom ... i see the reported posts, but i also see what Brother CosmicMessenger shared.

It does appear that you personalized the discussion first, speaking to his intelligence, or lack thereof.

While he took it to another level, going to uglier depths, you kinda provoked it ... wouldn't you say?

Or am i missing something? Let me know.

Love You!


Yes, you're missing something. CosmicMessenger is DECEIVING you on his part in this. He has DELETED his post to me which I replied to.

My suggestion to you earlier was that he was too new to even realize how new he was. No one had a problem with him posting music, but it was redundant.....
"Still spittin' venom, I see!", said the mongoose to the snake.

I got your message, sister.

It takes INTELLIGENCE to understand the communication between a black woman and a black man.
'Still spitting venom, I see, said the mongoose to the snake.'

I was just showing you that it had been posted before. No harm intended.

You just can't stop with the "INTELLIGENCE" stuff.

Yes, I'm an "INTELLIGENT" Black woman, with or without YOUR "stamp."

This site is 15 years old. So, any "INTELLIGENT" person could surmise that many topics have already been posted previously. I've been here 4 years and have posted many music threads myself. I'm sure some of mine are "repeats" as well; but when I first joined, the "search" feature was not open to all but only to "premium members."

NOW, it is open to all members.

An "INTELLIGENT" person would use the "SEARCH" feature.


Feb 28, 2009

Here is some additional background:

The recent events stem from 2 threads: "Am I Posting Too Much Music" and "WAR-The World Is A Ghetto." In the former, Bro. James told Cosmic that his music threads were too numerous and redundant in his opinion, which Cosmic did not like.

Cosmc wondered that no one else was posting music here. I informed him that there was plenty of music here by past/present members in the "Entertainment" and "Media" forums. ------ In the other thread, I posted a link to the same band/song to Cosmic's only to show him that it had been posted before. And Brother Clyde stated that no one voiced their dislike of his music only its redundancy by Bro. James.

*Now, yes, there is no limit here and anything can be posted multiple times; but I responded to show Cosmic that music is posted here and how the "search" feature could cut down on some redundancy.*

So, the flow of our exchanges was born of Cosmic's patronizing insult to me concerning MY "intelligence" which was doubled as a back-handed insult to Brother Clyde's "intelligence." Overtly and/or covertly attacking someone's "INTELLIGENCE" and making discussions personal is a recurring behavior from Cosmic. This example is just one of many. Because of his history with this behavior with me and other posters, I was offended by his first reply.

I called Cosmic on his insult; and, yes, I returned it to him. However, HE first insulted me and THEN he made the discussion even more personal by commenting on my sexual history about how many "PAST PENISES" I've had in my vagina.

I showed where Cosmic has a history of this type of condescending behavior by referencing someone's level of "INTELLIGENCE" if they agree with him and their lack thereof if they disagree with him. >>>
YOU insulted me with your TIRED "intelligence" shot.

That is your USUAL M.O. You INSULT others by deeming that they ARE "intelligent" if they AGREE WITH YOU and deem them NOT "intelligent" if they DISAGREE WITH YOU.

You have a HISTORY here of this behavior:
INTELLIGENT people understand me, but only someone DEVOID of WISDOM would say the following...
My "level of understanding" is ACCURATE to INTELLIGENT people. ...
Out of respect for ProphetikGeneral, I will no longer entertain your ignorance.

Intelligent people know that Adam was the first MAN....not the first "god".

Have a nice day
The INTELLIGENT blacks among you who PERCEIVED the TRUTH in my threads...I commend you!

You have BROKEN FREE from the IGNORANCE that the SLAVEMASTER BREEDED into your ancestors for 400 years!


To those of you who DISAGREE with me....oh well!

(that goes not only for you FIELD SLAVES but you HOUSE SLAVES as well)
Anyway, I am done with this thread.

Wouldn't want to "disrupt" the sistas with the TRUTH.

The thread asked what I admire about blackwomen and I answered the question.

Fools can't understand but INTELLIGENT people perceive truth!
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Aug 24, 2013
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Gorilla said:
I think you just disagreed with your god.

You're an idiot if you believe that.
My God said, "Thou shalt not kill."
Intelligent people understand that.


Feb 28, 2009

Again, slyly/passive-aggressively attacking another's "INTELLIGENCE" is a recurring theme from CosmisMessenger. This is not the first instance between me and him nor with other posters. He directly insults another's "INTELLIGENCE" when they disagree with him and indirectly insults them even when they do agree with him. Like I said before, there is a HISTORY of it. >>>>

MORE of your patronizing "INTELLIGENT" insults:
No, I just post the truth for the INTELLIGENT people to understand.
Noun 1.
broken home - a family in which the parents have separated or divorced

Whether it's broken plates, broken cups, broken windows, or broken families, intelligent people know that means that they are not strong.
I don't believe in hitting defective women.

I DUMP them and AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAUGE if they refuse to go my way.

A woman was intended to be a BLESSING to her man...not a CURSE.

I will again post the words of Sirach for the INTELLIGENT people out there: ......

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