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Nov 2, 2009
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I know I'm going to follow Destee's advice and use the IGNORE feature (for the first time ever). For me, it's either do this *this time*, or just call it a day and *for sure* stop paying for the dubious privilege of abruptly accessing some seriously hateful madness targeting Black women that's begun to pile up in a whole lot of different threads. I've actually begun to hesitate before checking out new topics because of this targeted *hate a Black woman* nastiness from this one *determined* problem-member, so...

Anyhow, here goes (me, putting the ignore feature to use), because it is my first, heartfelt will to keep with supporting this site.

One Love, and PEACE
Peace Fieldpea,

Use it.. and love it. I use it as a filter.. I don't think of it as really ignoring anyone.. it's just moving their content out of my way.. ;) so I can see what I really came here to see. There are just some points of view that I don't need to see.. either because they are redundant or predictable.. or dishonest.. etc.. I have folks on ignore for all kinds of reasons.. writing style.. post frequency.. thread frequency.. general combativeness.. talking-out-the-side-of-their-kneck-dedness.. I even had one shirt-less dude on ignore because of his shirt-lessness.. So it's a really positive feature.. in that it can make things disappear.

and you know all of that gender-war nonsense resurfaces ever so often.. just like the ring in the toilet bowl.. but it always eventually gets scrubbed-out and washed down the toilet.. it's just a matter of time and patience. Many many many people have not realized that black men and black women are one single thing.. and so they rhetorically cut off their nose to spite their own faces..

it won't last long.. don't worry.


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Feb 19, 2001
Sister ... this is a lot coming from you ... one who NEVER breaks the rules, a model Member of this community, helping to keep it alive for others ... hmmmm ... there's problee a fly in the buttermilk if you say there is.

I'm gonna keep looking, watching for the behavior you've describe above. I've not been around as much lately and it's certainly possible that some has gotten in without me getting rid of it ... but rest assured ... it won't live here forever.

I truly have no patience with the Gender War Fighting ... so much so ... that we have a rule about it.

So if you see something new, click on the REPORT link under the post and let me know about it.

But even if you don't see it, and report it ... i'm watching ... :guard:

Love You and Thanks! :grouphug:



:10400: .o0( A made up rule )

Still waiting for my apology!



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Feb 19, 2001
Or, yall could stop taking these none entities so serious as to let them get under your skin? Let's remember that all opinions have a right here. And some issues by their nature are going to be controversial. Some just cant handle the heat od the discussion forums. They never could. They should thusly, stay out. It's not like you will meet the person any time soon. Or that they will come to your house to impact your life in some real way. I have only placed a hand full of people on igg over the decades. And then, only temporarily. It's a lot easier to slice and dice their faulty logic. Or just not respond to stupidity. But some of you have skin made of fine china. Moreover, you have allowed your personal issues, phobias, psychosis, idiocincracies (sp ) to infect your logic. CHILL. It's not that important. And neither are your faux hurt feelings

Bring back MsI

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