Swaziland : Pictures from Swaziland.


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Oct 30, 2005
These are beautiful depictions of our people and the land Brother Ibrahim! Did you visit there recently? Thanks for sharing!


Mar 3, 2005
Bay Area
True indeed, these are some awesome pictures......African women are gorgeous.

Brother Ibrahim, if you have more pics of our homeland, please feel free to share them........I'd be honored to see more.



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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
ibrahim said:
It is a festival held occasionally for the King. Virgins are lined up and he choses the one he likes, then marries her.
To add to what brother Ibrahim posted, this is a ceremony for King Mswati III. I was unaware that pictures are taken of this event, and would like to thank Ibrahim for sharing them. King Mswati has been widely criticized by the West for these ceromonies and his lifestyle in general (living in luxury while the rest of the nation is impoverished). In my opinion the same can be said of many rulers, including US presidents. I also have no problems with Mswati following the tradition of his people.

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