Gun Ownership : philly black panther (singular) arrested in NYC on gun charge


Feb 22, 2004
Bobby Seale is a dumbie, and he's emotional and not intellectual either, do you know anything about guerilla warfare? First off Bobby Seale shouldn't even be going on CNN discussing anything about Black Panthers, look at the little smerk on the white ladies face when he starts talking. Truth be told, black people not smart enough to war with an enemy that outnumbers them. If we were the majority or if the numbers were EVEN, it wouldn't matter as much if somebody like Bobby Seale went on CNN talking about the old black panthers or even King Samir stood on a street corner and talked a bunch of trash like he do. Bobby Seale nor King Samir are that bright.

Black people do things off emotion because it's feel good not always smart. You know the main reason most of these young dumbies out here join gangs? Not for financial gain which I could almost respect if they did, they join gangs because it makes them feel good, they want something to be proud of. I personally think King Samir likes playing dress up, even though I still like his spirit.

You don't talk about or tell white folks about how you feel or what you going to do or what you did. I wouldn't even say the word Panther around a Caucasoid!

I love how a so called black man calls the entire black population dumb, YOUR POST IN IT'S SELF IS EMOTIONAL. "Black people do things off of emotion" all 40 million huh? Generalizing is emotional as well as ignorant.

THE GOD SAYS-"Black People Are Not Smart Enough To War With An Enemey That Out Numbers Them" ....I will not even dignify this non-sense a response.

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