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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
I called the Baltimore police department to confirm this. I just asked what was their dress code for employee. The man (sounded like a brotha) would not tell me over the phone but wanted me to come into the office. So maybe someone who lives in Baltimore can check this out for us. Make sure it's not a hoax.

We need to get in the habit of checking things out before we spend a lot of energy and make a fool of ourselves. Knowamsane?


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Jun 11, 2003
Baltimore, MD
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Hi I'm from Baltimore.
Yes this is true. Starting Jan 1, 2007. The dress code comes into affect.
This includes the fake fingers nails, bling bling, and heavy use of make-up,
perfume and cologne. The hair length has to be short. So it's includes everyone
on the Police Force. The board that voted for the dress code has 11-blacks and
6-whites on it. Some of theseyoung officers up in this City are the most unprofessional
and ill manner individual I ever met in my life only some of them. The City Council
hopes to regain the trust of the Black Community towards these young officers who
have directed so much hate toward their only people in the community. So this made
be the reason that the dress code is beginning enforce, but the only thing that bother
me about this dress code, is how these officers will direct there attention on the individual
who do wear there hair in the locks, braids, and cornrow. Because they are upset that
they have to trim their hair.


Jun 10, 2004
Oh Goodness! I am sort of in shock.

Baltimore, from experience, is probably the ONLY Eastern U.S. city that I could go into, and NOT be harrassed by Police, disrespected by residents, etc. They sure do not bother me as much as I have been around there.

However, I have to say I would understand where this comes from. They do have a lot of young officers who "have their ways," then again, they do not bother me. Also, Baltimore IS a predominantly Black city, so it figures that Black folks would be making the decision(s).

While it is nice to see that they are trying to do something for the People of the Community, I do wish that the People of Baltimore as a collective bonded together, and "put the city Politicians to work." I said that based on a conversation I had with a Sistah there.


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