Black Poetry : Penitentiary UP


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Nov 27, 2002
Calif/will be in Atlanta summer 2003
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This is for all my brotha's who's windows are bars....

For those of you who do not know what it is like in the inside isolated from
all those you love, freedom taken away because of foolish mistakes made
some worst then others and some that could never be forgiven by anyone except God alone.

First thing in the morning you have to WAKE UP!
then you have to GET UP! and then you LINE UP!
before TIME IS UP! before you get your meds, you
have to WALK UP! before you get your money
you have to SIGN UP! before you get your mail they
have to BRING IT UP! if you try to have some fun
they tell you that you are talking to loud and if you
don’t SHUT UP! you will be WRITTEN UP! and then
you will be taken to LOCK UP! unless they decide
you are too rowdy and then they will LOCK DOWN!
when you go out to the yard to try to KICK IT UP!
almost everyday somebody gonna get BEAT UP!
on the last day of the UP! when your time is UP! they
tell you there sorry your paper work is MESSED UP!
once you get out if you MESS UP! you’re going to
get sent back UP!.

It seems that by now brothers and sisters would get the
message that the system is F…UP! and they have to
stop SNORTING UP! and ROCKING UP! quit doing
things wrong stop giving UP! and start LOOKING UP! to
God and get PUMPED UP! by hope and determination to
make it in this world and change the circumstances, throw
in the hand you were dealt and get a new deck of cards better
yet get a new dealer and start STANDING UP! now that is

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Mar 21, 2001
word ! word !!
felt dis deep on da real
bruthas & sistah's da wake up call is clear
can u hear it !! I can................tyte thanks for dis
free ya mind from mental struggle

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