Black Poetry : Penitentiary Struggle....

Pharaoh Jahil

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Aug 2, 2003
Mother Earth
College Student
You lock me in your prison
Like I some type of animal
Calling this bull, rehabilitation
What the f*** are you rehabilitating?
Everyday, I wake up to the same ol'
Hoping I wont get killed
Sleeping with one eye open every night,
Hoping I wont get raped
Watching my life every second
I have to carry a blade on me
Just in case some fool trys to get crazy
I have to shower around a bunch of dudes daily
The food is garbage and it taste like ****.
The crooked prison guards are beating me
with their sticks out of fun just to see the
****** squeal......

Then they throw me into solitary confinement
Sitting up in there naked, cold and dark
Wondering, how much more hell I have to go threw
before they break my spirit.
Thoughts going threw my mind about "Freedom"
I forgot how it feels
Missing the feminine touch of a woman
Thinking about my lady who waits for me
ooh, I miss tasting the fruits of her womanhood
We only get to touch each other threw the letters
She sends me pictures of her, I put them on my wall
Staring at her for hours, wishing I was there
Holding her in my arms, kissing her
feeling her breast against my chest
These bastards have taken me away from my Queen

They don't give a f*** about us
They watch us murder each other everyday
The guards just sit on their @zzes and watch us slit
each other from the throats and don't do ****
EVERY D@MN DAY, I have to see another brotha die
I have to hear about a brotha getting the death penalty,
I have to see a brotha serve LIFE!

This is their idea of rehabilitation?
Or is it really apart of the plan to break the black man?
The government spends more money to build prisons
When schools in black communities
Are overcrowded and run down
The teachers don't even give a f***
About our education
They just come to get paid
Mean while, the judge is sending another
brotha up north to Pelican Bay or Ruwkus Island
Thinking he done another day of so-called justice
Going home to his surburban high class home
And his wife ask "How was work"?
"Oh, the usual, Locked some ******* up"!
While brothas like me have just became another
victim to the system.


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Oct 6, 2003
You're right brotha. Too many of our brothas are locked up in this so-called "rehab." Check out my "Freedom From Society" piece when you get a chance. I think you can relate!!


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May 30, 2003
~The hidden library...~
Phah....this is why I always make it a point to check you out...
cause your work is always conscious...and if anyone on this
forum got black men in their family....they can relate to this...
because I think we've all been affected by the inequitable
law structured solely to catch and destroy our black men..
for "somewhat, victimless crimes"...the punishments simply do
not equal the crime...

this is an issue that hits home...
the was on the real...

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