Black People : Paying Close attention to the Company we keep within & who we allow in ourSPACE.

Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
Someone said:

Show me who you love, and one can tell us all about ourselves.

If we call ourselves loving the mind-set in below link, it is the human being love, anti-nature, anti-truth, anti-life, self hatred, and we are not capable of self loving and Divine loving others. The mind-set in the below link is an abusive mind-set.
How can we discuss Unity & not DisUnity-The Scars of Shame, deadly poison within us?

I read once:

Show me your friends, and one can tell us all about ourselves.
Is our friend Divine Truth/Reality?

Qgoddess Maya Angelou: Listen to people long enough and they will tell us about themselves.

:SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030:

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Good news; NRA filed for bankruptcy.
Bad news; Police often kill mentally and handicapped people.
I despise these racist killing NYPD. I'm glad Attorney General Letitia James filed a law suit against NYPD for using "excessive, brutal and unlawful force" against Black Lives Matter protesters! The law suit also targets the Mayor, police commissioner Dermot Shea and Chief of Department, Terry Monahan! Several NYPD cops have been suspended, along with many other racist violent killer cops across this nation.
Will the 3 white GOPs in Congress, Gosar, Biggs and Brooks, be charged with sedition and felony murder for inciting and helping Ali Alexander plan the insurrection? Ali Alexander, black trump supporter who started Stop The Steal and organized the insurrection, threw these 3 white terrorists under the bus. All of them should get long prison sentences. Alexander, a convicted felony, will likely be charged first.
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Why aren't the white domestic terrorists charged w/felony murder and terrorism? YES, I answered my own question with the phrase 'white domestic terrorist'. But let's see if black traitor "Ali Alexander" will be charged w/felony murder for helping organize the deadly insurrection. His white comrades will blame him for influencing them to commit violence. His butt will be tattered after they throw him under the bus.