Brother AACOOLDRE : Past mistakes of the NAACP


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Jul 26, 2001
Some Past mistakes of the NAACP

By Andre Austin

In the past in the early formation of the NAACP (founded 1909) they made some early mistakes that may still plague the Civil Rights unit today. The group was founded by blacks, Jews and whites to bring justice and equality for all Americans. One of their biggest mistakes was pursuing an integrationists policy at the expense of black economic competition and self-assertiveness that brings independent entrepreneurs. This economic vacuum left blacks to prey upon blacks for a violent survival and produce a turning their eyes unless it was a white doing violence upon a black in the form of lynching and burning black schools and churches. The NAACP failed to understand that white lynching of black evolved/transferred to black on black crime. Black on Black crime destabilizes the Black community and is now apart of the system of exploitation. The black elite and White liberals use it as a talking point to advance themselves. We the black masses have made fools of ourselves dressing up on a Saturday in overalls and sweaters agitating and parading for jobs for apathetic white-collar Negroes.

The NAACP has no diplomatic skills in arranging peace treaties/conferences between rival gangs because they are alienated from the black masses by design. They do have the ability to host a summit or fundraisers with white corporations, doctors and lawyers, sit at a table and eat caviar and **** tails with them. But they can’t drink a beer and eat some chicken with the inner city thugs and have a dialogue with them. Why should they? They can’t because they were set up to harness the black masses for political votes to be turned in as bales of cotton so that a tiny (talent tenth) black elite would reap benefits. The NAACP in its early days was obsessed with this 10% probably being influenced by the Hebrews in their OT. The Jews while in Egypt was associated with weight & measures through the God Thoth who invented numbers and who took the title word Jew. A Kite= (one-tenth of a deben which is 3 grams of gold). Now we have Jewish paternalism over black economic indepence subjected under black female matrilineal system with emasculation of males economic contribution.

The NAACP also in a conspiracy with the white liberals and Hollywood promoted The Harlem Renaissance as a smoke screen in which black art and artists were used by elitist blacks and their white manipulators to divert the Black masses from their growing efforts to become self-reliant. Novels, poetry and painting can liberate a couple of hundred blacks from the Ghetto but we are 45 million strong in the USA. The same plot goes with sports and entertainment. Only a few can sing, dance and dunk a ball out of the inner-city.

The NAACP also promoted the amalgamation of the races as a means reducing the conflict and racism. If we go back in ancient times when nations were at war with eachother peace treaties were signed with exchanging women to seal the bonds of peace with cross-nation marriages. Looking back in time it did not work. In ancient Egypt a new breed of mulatoos ploted with the whites to ruin this black civilization. In Haiti the blacks and mulatoos fought against the French. This made napoleon come up with a policy of solving its color problem to make it legal for a man to marry 3 wives, one black, one mulatto and the other black. Did this work? No. The mulatoos rule Haiti and transfer the wealth to Europe in the form of debt payments. You can go on and on with this in Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica and etc. according to the 1860 census 12% of blacks were mulatoos and that was an undercount. This made the white man the biggest rapist in world history and it didn’t lead to the liberation of black people. The NAACP never attempted to rebuild the structure of the black family. They were too focused on glamorizing Black elites marry white elites. Plus, the NAACP supported government programs that excluded black males. I got news for them without a male and female married in a house together there is no black family.

Black integrationist believe that black culture/Afrocentrity must be denied and self-sufficency deferred at all costs, if one –way integration with whites is ever to be realized. Implicit in this assimilationist paradigm is the essential inferiority of black culture and the condition that blacks not be intellectually, socially, or economically competitive with whites.


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May 7, 2011
In my opinion:

The biggest mistake African-Americans made after the Civil War and forward was not focusing on property.

Property is the fundamental basis of representative government.
This has been obscured due to property qualifications for voting having been removed by the States.


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Jul 26, 2001
Help from Communist Party and NAACP
After a demonstration in Harlem, the Scottsboro case came to the attention of the American Communist Party. Chattanooga Party member James Allen edited the Communist Southern Worker, and publicized "the plight of the boys".[42] The Party used its legal arm, the International Labor Defense (ILD), to take up their cases,[43] persuading the defendants' parents to let them champion their cause, and retaining attorneys Joseph Brodsky and George W. Chamlee.
The NAACP also offered to handle the case, offering the services of famed attorney Clarence Darrow. However, the Scottsboro defendants decided to let the ILD handle their appeal.[38]
Chamlee moved for new trials for all defendants. Private investigations took place, revealing that Price and Bates had been prostitutes in Tennessee who regularly serviced black and white clientele.[44] Chamlee offered Hawkins affidavits to that effect, which the Judge forbade him to read out loud. The defense argued that this evidence proved that the two women had likely lied at trial.[45] Chamlee offered the Scottsboro uproar as further evidence that the change of venue should have been granted.

This information came from wikipedeia. It doesn't look like NAACP had a role

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