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    A win-win situation
    there was a female who introduced herself
    as a criminal justice graduate
    working as a security guard
    for a hospital on night shift
    said she wanted to open or be apart of
    the victim's advocate program.

    I simply told we all are victims
    not just one gender
    her face one-sided a little
    an educated or uneducated attitude all too familiar
    i went on to further explain
    how employment drops a person's statistic
    from being a victim of any crime
    regardless of the situation
    from a dimensional peer-deposition
    throughout her times.

    When she heard me speak of
    her having a security business
    quickly she ran the other way
    wanting to be apart of persecution
    and socialistically part liberal of politics
    knowing she do not even know
    business and economics rules
    the every aspect of her dream
    still who is to say she will not grow-up
    maybe she is looking at life from her own perspective values valued
    trying to reach out
    after the dominoes has fallen
    though i do not overstand why should she as a female
    be on the prevention end by catching
    the students straight out of college or high school?
    My instincts said she is a female for females regardless
    ignoring the everything of the facts and truths regardless
    this is why i do not speak to females out here now more than ever regardless...
    they do not want to listen
    then again it is the media fault
    then again it is her own childhood not exploited to see what is really going on
    then again it is so many untold factions to her mental matter
    plus she feels a female should have the right to an abortion regardless
    with or without any exceptions
    regardless of the millions of abortions stacked up more than all leading causes of deaths back to back...
    she was nonchalant about the whole conversation
    and tried to wiggle out every corner as expected
    even reversed it like why don't you do it
    i responded quickly by saying i am now
    still she do not want to security for commercial businesses
    and help take males off the street
    simply do a background check
    help them by helping her
    cause human resource to a business is an expansion locked
    if you do not have the key
    you need people
    she avoided it all
    even dealing with entertainers
    securing them too
    she is stuck on putting males away
    by supporting any female wholly without justified cause
    of actually being her
    nor do not care if she know her
    just because she is a female
    her society labels her mighty strong
    so now i tell all males
    to keep your penis to yourselves
    build your kingdom within your empire
    never be homosexual
    cause your seed produces more of them or not
    meaning without you it is no them...
    go your own way
    for good
    highly recommended out the united states of america
    before they kill off or locked the remaining true kings
    who envision their daughters as being real queens someday
    and their sons as being kings someday
    leave her
    leading her own way
    she do not need you
    is her attitude
    she cannot be trusted
    nor can the homie who is a playa either
    leave them both be
    and go your own way
    to be a real player in the game
    of business and economics
    and always remember where you came from
    like Hammer who employed neighborhoods
    and 2Pac who gave to the nonprofits
    they all went broke or dayum near in vain
    after they realized that indeed
    never ignorant getting goals accomplished has changed....

    I myself learned from their mistakes
    though always wanted to do the same thing
    since i was little
    knee high as a mind of fact
    i found my solution
    create a passenger driver's school
    around the same time
    i create my app
    or should i say have it customized
    from a creator who is waiting on me
    and others alike
    the universe is too cool
    if you cannot afford to pay upfront
    for passenger driving school
    then i and you will agree
    by signatures notarized
    you will get certain amounts
    taken out of your delivery fee check
    before direct deposit
    every week to be exact
    you keep your customer tips
    this is after you pass your driver's test
    the final one that is
    plus i will need to have a contract
    with a small insurance company
    i need to see where their mindset is at
    lay it all down on the table
    and be real
    straight open
    you see and feel me?

    I take my business non-personal
    and serious
    i have to finish my cdl up
    just a few more weeks
    on the road as a commercial vehicle driver
    switching from the passenger vehicle driver's seat
    after four years i will be ready
    will have enough income
    to start the cdl school too
    by then i would have already broke in my landscaping business
    so you see it is three things going on here...
    passenger and commercial delivery
    including landscaping
    how many millions can i grow
    into billions without putting myself on a stock market exchange?

    It all started as a seed
    like a farmer and gardener
    i took care of it and kept sewing more
    and more you see...
    and i am figuring out who is who
    so i know who to speak to
    and who to not speak to
    and that right there takes spiritual courage
    from within to be a brave soul
    and search out actively once the vibration is rung out
    you quickly find out who is that person and their tree
    where their roots reside
    cause these days and nights
    they are stabbing you in the front
    or should i say they are just beginning
    and if you do not watch the signs
    you will never see it coming
    cause everything around you grows
    whether you believe it or know it
    laws change yet if you stick to the basics
    you actually cannot be touched
    and that is food water and shelter
    see if you a farmer who is going to mess with you?
    drink supplier?
    especially if you got a spring on your property
    like some of these churches do
    and they sit own their boards
    to make sure they can discriminate against you by any means necessary
    and see it is nothing but gangs out here remember that
    which keeps unity from sticking like super glue
    so since their is no unity
    just unity of ignorance and fantasies
    like playing characters
    then you play your own character
    and keep your happiness flawless
    cause your happiness
    is not the same as others
    believe you me
    the truth for me i am running from the insane
    while they believe you insane
    so imagine the insane looking at the insane
    both thinking the same way
    the exact truth of magnetism
    the divided and conquered game
    has finally separated the real from the fake....

    Now are my Ancestors liver
    or are the dead living the livest?
    Only time will tale
    and how you keep secret
    is plant a memory of yourself
    inside they lobes...
    mind your own business
    and refuse to be exposed(echoing)
    keep yourself a secret
    all the way to the endless
    and when they run into you
    by science or universal meeting again
    their you go
    popped up
    inside their memory again
    though better than your last times
    with immense intensity
    in silence
    and always say--
    excuse me
    pardon you
    cause indeed it is
    and they will need pardoned from your presence
    and you will need to excuse yourself from theirs
    it is no need for pretending
    or future in their fronting
    just be honest
    and be yourself
    from the roots
    and never ever give in to a female's exterior beauty...
    youza sucker for it
    and will remain lost
    going against the real queens and empresses
    who paved the way for you to be a young ancestor
    they gave birth to it all
    and it is nothing wrong with being who you suppose to be
    stay sharp
    and if you like me
    immah keep doing what????
    Minding my own business(echoing)....