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Oct 4, 2003
Yes Parenting is tough and we all know this. I have 4 myself. It being what it is these days with so many broken homes and "people" taking care of each others kids in so many different ways, we all have to keep in mind that although we are doing the best job we can with one of our kids and maybe two of someonelses; there is also another out there possibly calling the shots for another of ours. What we have created is a society where everyone is takeing care of one another. It's not only hard , important , a skill, it is absolutly imperative that we make the most accurate choices we can possibly make. marc


Aug 25, 2003

amun ra and kemetstry i am in total agreeance with you. as a teacher i see the apples that don't fall far from the trees from which they were born. there are parents and there are people with children just as there are men and males. you can often distinguish students of actual parents and the students of people with children. you have clearly addressed this dichotomy so there's no need for me to repeat what has already been said. what needs to be done is like you said incorporate parenting classes. you are right about common sense however, nowadays common sense isnt so common. our churches and community organizations really need to address this void. our scholars (and elders) need to take the bull by the horns and not leave it solely up to the schools because they do not have our best interest in mind. this is necessary and mandatory for our nation to survive and progress. i'm in my mid 20s and i show restraint for the exact reasons you condemn many in my age group. we need to start developing coordinated and proactive ways of addressing this problem. the saying goes all roads lead to rome, i say all roads lead to home. thank you for your timely and truthful essay it has been passed on to many that need to read it.



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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
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This is one thread I really didn't want to get into, I bobbed around it at lease 4-5 times in the last two weeks. I read all the replys...very interesting indeed. everyone had very good points starting with you Ra, all different, but on point. Well at lease (most) did/do.
The pope once said: "GIVE ME YOUR CHILD AT BIRTH...AND AT 7, YOU CAN HAVE THEM BACK" what does that mean? surely we know that at those ages 0-7 all childrens minds are nothing but sponges, and what goes in the first seven years...stays for life. And believe what you will...this is true! walk the streets, find any child that's been raised in the streets and at the age of 8, ...go into your FATHER /MOTHER MODE on this child and see what would surely have a rude awakening...and that's on the real tip. We need to raise our own babies, and most of us think we do, ...but we don't. When we have our babies and go to the state (welfare) for assisant, we're really saying: white man take care of my baby, and they do, and they become the father of these children and all children look up to their father,and down on the black man that fathered them. And that's just the tip of the iceburg of parenting or should I say, who's parenting our child. I have an 8 year old daughter, she went to pre-school because I had to work, but she has never been in a public school...I home school my child for several reasons, first of all these are not "schools", their "killing fields", and lo and behold these children at the ages of 7-8-9 on up has cigarettes in their mouth, guns in one pocket, knife in the other and penis's showing because their pants are to LOW, girls @ss's showing because their dress is to HIGH...oh excuse me, what were we talking about again?...oh yeah. ...parenting *smh*...
Let me remind you...these are the results of giving your baby to the pope (sorta speak) ...I realize that I'm babbleing but...hang in there with me, I'll get to the point sooner or later :grin: . I read a statement in one of the above replys, it was knee-deep, it was from Mansa77 which said: as they say "ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME" that deep?...*smh* I don't know what it meant to them, ...or what it meant to you. But this is what I read:"ALL ROADS (children) LEAD TO ROME (roam)...and when our children roam...they roam into the hands of the enermy...bottom line!
Parenting is a FULL-TIME job and I certainly agree with you on that. They bear watching 24/7 because when you think you're learning your child...your child is learning you. You don't really know your child until you observe them several times unknowing to them because that's when they are themselfs at best. Most times both parents have to work...understandable...but when you get home sonetimes you're tired and the mindset of some of us are: *whew*...he/she is quiet with their headphones in their lease I can get some rest and peace and quiet. But parents...what are they listening too? ...what's being planted in their heads?...while we're maxing and relaxing? ...remember, parenting is a FULL-TIME job. Imagine if you will, I'm on a minumin wage job and buying my daughter a $100 pair of sneakers and my son a $150 jersey with somebody else's name across his chest. Oh did I mention the GOLD that these kids are rocking?...come on parents what's up?
keep in mind...we're the PARENT...not them.

to be continued...


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Feb 15, 2001
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You put many a nail it it all here, but it right on--I admit it now, but I searched my kid's rooms on a regular basis. I read their notes, I broke their codes and I listened on the telephone--I did not get many surprises from my kids--some wopuld say I violated the trust--I did--I am not sorry for it and I don not apologize--I remember being a kid and lying came as natural to me and my friends as swimming to a duck--fortunately, my parents didn't take my word for it although they nodded and said they did, I was just too stupid to figure that parents could be just as slick as kids because they were kids once themselves--we forget--stay on their butts--parenting is a FULL Time job--when you have children--YOU goes out the window and the child becomes the center of the universe--get over it--and get with the program--a lot a sacrifice goes into parenting--it is not for the shy or gullible--Ra


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