Black Men : Pants Saggin: 30 Years Old?


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Aug 9, 2003
Candidly and honestly:

Was and is it really meant to be our new world order too?

After all:

A people blinded by false illusions/leading to wrongheaded conclusions of others, who claimed to be all that--but aren't-- though any number of reality checks/wake up calls/etc. kinda sort both implies and suggests we best contrast all of the aformentioned, i.e ., both with what we've been (mis)led to believe with what I and others know and understand is the truth; also what we need and should want to strive for--as in-- a much better vision of what we (among other human beings) best be striving to be--obviously above and beyond being just another bunch of anxious/demented/hypocritical/perverted/self centered people-- like the ones who truly lord/rule/etc. the USA...

So-- it isn't simply what they ain't--it's also about who we are--or aren't-- or not yet-!

Y'see, some came to believe after the battles waged during the sixties and seventies, 'the struggle' was over...

Some felt and thought we won...

Others felt and thought we lost...


All social and political movements run their courses...

Flashforward and I have yet to truly know and understand what has been and is the character of the ones you post sixties generations have been a part of!

All I claiming and saying is a lack of clarity etc. reflects some (if not all) of what I (sometimes) get privy to (via your posts etc.)...

So I do have to contrast that with you living in the midst of a different reality than even I grew up in the midst of!

I grew up during the closing days of the all too legalized practices etc. associated with the word segregation:

Contrast that with-- at least-- growing up during eras when there was or is more than fictional black principals/judges/etc. on TV shows and/or movies...

I. e., among those blacks etc. who did or do clamor for mere inclusion, though in the midst of a white majority accustomed to only seeing the aformentioned as maids and hotel doormen, etc., just whose conceptions etc. of blacks etc. are being promoted--not just via the so called classic black sitcoms of the past--from GOOD TIMES to MARTIN (Lawrence)--though the one peoples being appeased (if not truly promoted)--the others fears being eased...etc.--but also via the present eras?

Bad enough (biology being dismissed for the sake of marketing to a white audience etc.) that the son of the biracial couple on the JEFFERSONS was as dark as his black mother (not light as a mulatto like Obama):

Worse was how the character of Whitley of A DIFFERENT WORLD was as hick as Minnie Pearl!

Minnie Pearl: A white country home come comedian--and who wore clothes with store tabs hanging on them--one time mainstay of the Grand Ole Opray?

No disrespect to the aformentioned lady, but what were the writers of that COSBY spinoff high on?!?

Also the name MOEASHA (sic) is not one I'd given to a fictional young black teen of that era either!!

Do you remember how Mike Evans was always protrayed as being out of touch with reality (in spite of his idealized take on being black at the time)?

Other black icons (like Urkel) were presented not merely as nerds but as kooks!

A white take on black child genuises!?!

Do contrast that with one of the past ones:

A blind black teen fit into that category...

And we've been enjoying the music of the adult he became for decades...

His name:

Stevie Wonder...

(BIG hint hing/nudge nudge/wink wink)...

Not to take you down memory lane (or my past trips) too much:

But, if it was so easy, i.e ., to go from non status to prep school acceptance, any number of colored girls would just need an white matron to get them in!

Them is the true--uh--FACTS OF LIFE!

Flashforward and to those who need or want their black fix, at least the black families etc. on commercial/cable/etc. TV are a wee bit more believable and/or realistic...

My point was and is not to diss mere black actors/writers/producers etc.:

My need and want is to better understand whatever your generations have been exposed to:

Some of it may well have been harmless and light fare...

Other stuff may well have been manipulative and misleading...

So holla holla...



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Feb 19, 2001
Too many have bought into the dumb stuff to simply ignore it




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Aug 30, 2014
Personally, I love the style of the 90's where black guys were wearing baggy jeans and those XXLarge T-shirt. It was so SEXY!!! Love the baggy style back then, still love it now.
Baggy style begin to fade out as entering the 2000's, and about 2005, it just pretty much just gone.

Nowadays, especially the young generation black boys are wearing those tight colorful skinny jeans, and skaters wannabe style.
It just look so girly to see 'male' wearing those skinny pants so tight that can't breath, LOL!
Young boys now are into skaters clothing, and skinny jeans, Ew!! Maybe I'm just old, therefore I don't find them attractive at all.

I still see baggy clothes around, the older guys, the one my age group.
Black guys seem to update their fashion more than Hispanic. I still see PLENTY of Hispanic males still wearing the 90s' baggy style.
Baggy clothes still around, you see plenty of them in Atlanta, and Philly.

Bottom line is guys, wear what ever you comfortable with. When I said loose pants here, I don't mean the one that drop half down to show your boxer. I mean loose enough for you to be comfy in. Don't follow fashion, and wear those colorful TIGHT skinny jeans, give your legs some room to breath PLEASE.

Guys in Skinny Jeans = Immediately TURN OFF for me. I don't even care to bother looking at them.

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