Black Men : Pants Saggin: 30 Years Old?


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Feb 19, 2001
I did see it from a couple of high school kids, and I mean only a couple. But they dropped out so fast or they got suspended before you knew it. My younger cousin I went to high school with was one of them. I'd say he lasted a week or two at the most, before he was expelled for shooting crap during lunch time with his pants sagging, and his boxers showing. He must have thought he was back at home in the alley gambling with the other pants saggers. His father taught him and all his brothers at a young age how to gamble money from drunk people, which was a bad mistake.

Anyway, wearing sagging pants wasn't very popular back them, not with anybody who wanted to stay in school. Nor was it popular to the degree where the average parent had to worry about their kids copying that style. This was during a time when it wasn't even popular being a thug. You couldn't even smoke marijuana back then, and expect to have a decent girlfriend. But you always had that one particular type hoodrat that went for that type.

No, it wasn't popular back then. It meant you didn't know how to dress and couldn't afford a belt. lol

Sister, what happened that you started dating guys that now do both??????


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