Pan-Africanism : Pan Africanism in Focus: Rethinking the Political Conscience of Blacks in the Diaspora

sekou kasimu

PanAfrikanist Revolutionary
Apr 12, 2013
Baltimore, Maryland
Retired Ironworker
Field Report Courtesy of ProphetikGeneral:

Now is the time for organization. Cliche' I know, but more than ever, there has to be organization. Dr. Claude Anderson warned that if we don't form a community of some sense, we will perish. Dr. Cheik Anta Diop, on pg. 55 of Civilization or Barbarism, not only eliminated the erroneous theory of "Piltdown Man" as the original man, but provided the proper anthropological study of the original melanin dominant man and woman and that their political order was one of community and people first, profit second.

Our dilemma today is out of a lack of transparency in our ranks, a lack of comparative historical research and bandwagon, routine laden movements in place of actual activism and progress. This was what Marcus Garvey intimated during his rivalry with W.E.B. Dubois. Though both brothers were Pan-Africanist, the former sought nationalism, which is the purest means that justify our ends, and Dubois believed integration was the key.

Well, any solid scholar will tell you that integration destroyed our people more than it developed us. It lifted the achievers out of our communities and promoted a permanent underclass atmosphere amongst those that remained. Therefore, once dominant economic communities(Tulsa,Harlem), have now become places of "equality" and falsified progress.

The ability to act like white folks isn't progress. If the melanin dominant man and woman is already complete( and our DNA indicates so), we don't progress according to european standards,we evolve, and there is a difference between the two. So, how do we evolve?

Understand Political Strategy

If there's one admirable attribute of the european, it is his ability to organize politically around one objective. They understand that their objective is of the inner court, so they project the problems of their failed society on other groups for political expediency. No race in power has ever gained power by launching eighty-thousand movements at one time.

This was the failure of the George Zimmerman verdict aftermath. We allowed ourselves to be baited by petty victories and pseudo mass marches engineered by white liberals. What have we gained economically? What have we gained politically? Obviously nothing at all.

They still dominate the system while we are forced to conform to their concept of what a protest is. Black folks need to understand that any and all interaction with europeans is purely political. It's no coincidence that the majority of your children are taught by white, middle class teachers,or that the curriculum of Black colleges is seldom rooted in Africanity but a "Be a Probationary european 2.0" ideology.

Politics isn't the Hegelian dialectic they throw us in mass media( i.e. Dems and GOP), but it's the IMF, the UN and the International Criminal Court. If you don't understand how rings of criminals operate the planet, then you don't understand how true politics works.

Understand the Fight Isn't About Religion

The battle is for the race,and not over one's religious preference. It's foolish and shows political immaturity when Pan-Africanists attempt to criticize Christianity or Islam in an attempt to "free our people from those oppressive religions". However, begin the practice of shifting the curriculum to an African center.

Blacken every character in your Bible( because they were men and women of color anyways), in your Koran, in your Torah or whatever doctrine you claim. I would align with a Nuwaubian, Rastafarian, Yawheh Ben Yawheh follower or Order of Melchizedek brother or sister so long as they understand the principle of race first. Many of the aforomentioned sects have long practiced race first anyways.

Understand it isn't over Credentials

Whether you possess a degree,worship Christ,wear a suit and tie or cut hair, understand that you are African first, and to fulfill your Maat, you must acknowledge your Africanity and call on it whenever possible.

I remember the Republican elections of 1994, headed by Newt Gingrich(european well versed in Napoleon), and their list of initiatives were called the "Contract with America", which were ten reforms that they pledged as conservatives to the country.

Black America's response should've been a five point platform,but one steeped in Pan-African nationalism:

Spend at least a year in advance planning our initiatives before their enacted. This way the plan is so thorough and can't be easily disrupted. This was the genius of Garvey's Black Star Line as well as the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee(SNCC).

If we don't sit down at the strategy table and discuss, we'll never learn how to overcome anything. We should take the current events presently and plan how to counteract them. Dr. Amos Wilson in 1992 predicted that NASA was organizing most of their plans around Nuclear weaponry in space, and would use this as a means for hyperspace warfare. In the 21st century, this is now very much a reality.

2) Development
The development of independent committees and commissions, of elders as well as new generation inventors

3) Education
An intense curriculum modeled off the school of African Philosophy. We don't need any more HBCU's, we need a school of modern African Philosophy, that gives our kids the doctrinal training as well as practical trades.

4) Economics
A strong, circular economic base with emphasis on agricultural and technological fields. We control the land and the structures that will be built on land.

5) Silence
One of our problems is as Black people is that we don't know how to shut up long enough to make the proper moves. There has to be a code of silence as we initiate plans.

Modern Falsification of Consciousness

The conscious community has no plan to combat the coming storm and it's a realization I faced in my soapboxing/recruiting days. Yeah, my crew and I still pass out literature, do the question and answer classes and provide resources, but have found the conscious community to be the most ego driven, arrogant, style hungry negroes around.

I was at a drum and dance class some nights ago to support one of my brothers and discussed Black economic power when given the platform. The attendees gave me the deer in the headlights as I explained to them the principles of Amos Wilson,Dr. Clarke and Jawanza Kunjufu, but when I finished, they drummed like nothing happened. No thought process.

Yes, we all liberate on different levels, but there has to be serious consideration of what we're doing and where we're going as a community. Do we have a plan for when the financial markets fully crash?( that's their next plan, which was discussed at their Bildeberg inner table in June of this year).

Our people need to understand that it's a serious game out here. The Crusades were fought not for religion, but to suppress the domination/uprising of melanin dominant people. The same for the so-called Jewish Holocaust. That "jewish suffering" story was only thrust out front to cover up the victories of the Liberators, the Black soldiers that saved America's behind.

There is a pattern to destroy the Black man and woman, moreso the Black man at this point, on every level in society.

Serious liberators need to read:

"Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys" by Jawanza Kunjufu

"Race First" by Tony Martin

"The Prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli

"The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William Shirer

"African Life and Customs" by Edward Blyden

"Kill Them Before They Grow"

"Black Africa: The Basis for a Cultural and Federated State" by Dr. Cheik Anta Diop

"Philosophies of Engagement" by Jacques Agboton

"The Grand Chess Board" by Zbiegnew Brzinski

"Survival Into the 21st Century" by Viktoras Kulvinas

"The 13th Tribe" by Arthur Koestler

"Pan-Africanism and Zioinism: Movements in Polarity" by Toks Adawale( think I got one of the last remaining copies, lol)

"The FBI Files on Malcolm X" by Clayton Carson

"Destruction of Black Civilization" by Chancellor Williams

"Pharaonic Egypt" by Theophile Obenga(Dr. Cheik student)

Just to name a few.

So what's our very first move? :confused: I suggest that we study the recent events in South Afrika, with the goal being too learn as much as we can from that struggle. We could begin by watching the two Mandela movies. Have you seen them? I found the similairities between our struggle in South Afrika, and here in the states amazing, profound! And I am not exaggerating!!! Yet NONE of the conscious minds on this site seems to have seen them! Which I find most disturbing too say the least! Granted, we must study the past in order too prepare for the future. But we must also study the present to do the same!!! ;) One of the biggest lessons I had re-enforced is the fact that we must replace this corrupt, complacent, culturally confused, petty bourgeois leadership!!! We can no longer afford leaders like Nelson Mandela/ Oliver Tambo or MLK Jr./Al Sharpton! Time is running out. I suspect that things will get worse when Obama leaves office in January 2017.

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