Black Muslims : Pagan Roots of Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.


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Aug 17, 2010
"Even the so-called 'Christian' calendar -nay, the very months of the year and the names of the days of the week -all in honour of Greek and Roman deities-is entirely pagan. The weekly day of rest and worship is none other than Sun-day which is just as its name signifies. Monday is named after the moon: Tuesday was named after Tiu who was the Anglo-Saxon counterpart of the Nordic god of victory: Thursday after Thor who was the Nordic god of thunder; Friday was named after Frigg, the wife of Woden, a goddess of love in Nordic mythology: and Saturday after the Roman god, Saturnalia. Similarly,the Church fathers sanctioned the naming of the months after the old Roman deities. January was named after Janus, the two-faced Roman god of doorways; Mars after Mars, the Roman god of war; May after Maia, an obscure goddess of Roman mythology; June after Juno, another Roman goddess; July after Julius Caesar while August was named after Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor. September is named after Septem which means in latin,,seven; October named after octo,which means in latin,eighth; ninth,novo for November; the December after decem meaning tenth".

From the book: Islam verses Ahl Al Kitab

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