Black Poetry : Outlaw: Silk and Mink from South Korea


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Coming up with a quickness
plus them females wanna buy this
never ignorant getting goals accomplished
yo they wanna look fly
they all in their competitions
eyes looking at each other
as each other looking at another
they stank
they glorious
they flirtatious
they royalty
you got all types
who represent themselves
and not afraid to be speaking
of how they represent
they all trifling
trying to beat each other out
calling each other names
from negative to positive
they all wanna be stars
they got they phones and cameras
showing off wherever and whoever you are
so i gotta bring it
gotta meet my quota
i gotta University to build
yeah my hidden agenda is way real
using the Universal Laws quite well
oh who is your wife?
I got none
oh you must be a playa?
Nah i am a player in my game all for the gain
it's a family thang you seeking another item to flaunt your shape?
Oh you looking at me now?
Nah i just have another product to be sold
before she over there get yours
and you can't be special--
i like your game cause at least you honest with your business and economics
I smile
she pays me
inside i goes wild
thought can't express it on the outside
holding my composure
working my phone to get another shipment
from my guy over in South Korea
the text will show--
i want your store so please prepare the price
i will be there in two weeks to be precise
his text will reply back--
young businessman as you wish
thanks Big Mann for serving that dish
cause from the outside determined i cannot miss
and you know this...
all net
game over
ah swish(echoing)....

"...back in 2001-2002 i was just setting up everything for me to come back cause i knew one day i would remember certain places in order to return back on a business tip so i just stared at alot of products always asking questions from the E-Market to Silk and Mink stores and custom make jackets and you know me i modeled mine and sold one while in Washington DC cause a guy said dang i gotta offer you something to come off of it...sold it to him for four times the price and off my back cold for about 30 minutes or so but i was back in my ride and drove off made a profit like at the age of 20 turning 21 just'ah thinking into a daze like one day im going back cause humans are fiends on the real plus i got things to do that no other wanna do so i gotta do what i gotta do and use my charm of the real to get what i need inside this realm called physical dream and people be saying i be pimping though from another angle i am just not can be the pimp while i be the businessman who was never seen as a real man and that's tight you know? Now that's straight gain and ruthless for a cause i am willing to die for and see i ain't no sucka and i just know you ain't kill me before my time for doing the right thing you as the backstabbers would never do in the first place and that's how i feel of myself and know of you all everyday and night cause i really do not understand why one man or woman have to go build an University guarateed to change the generations into who they really are when it is millions to billions of you that can do it back to back every single it is 365 days in a year meaning it could be 365 Universities of K-12 everyday built and you telling me it ain't no bustas and whores and marks and stuck-ups out here? Please...mathematics is they nation weakest point of survival and they using their own science to defeat themselves ignorantly...i just don't have no pity so therefore while on my mission of positivity i cannot afford to have remorse cause all i am doing is taking a measly 1 percent if that out of trillions they be spending wrecklessly yearly....i mean for no reason at all and most of them is superstitious and down right silly as heck to a degree of superior ignorance. And if i was a black man who knew right from wrong then i would stand up to tell my opposite gender you ain't black and let's go but like that black woman told me about a three or four months ago at the bus stop i was chilling sipping on some ginger ale out the can when she approached me about my business and we talked so she let her guard down cause she felt me that i was real and i agreed with her that yeah the black man ain't shyte...he ain't nothing but a ****** now. Can't even help your own generations behind you cause you busy contemplating the blame game plus using the wrong head like Maya Angelou said too and it is truth on the real like you cannot even miss's the majority on the real and i use to have fallouts with these dudes but not no more though i just stay to myself and keep focused and remember what the real females from the East told me and they words stick to my bones plus it is some real brothers from the East too...glad i ain't black and i know myself and my history cause these dummies out here all they do is eat drink use the bathroom and don't care and my thing is this like it don't matter if you cannot get along with them trifling females cause it is a gang of em on the real worldwide but you take care of them seeds no matter what or your enemies got a spot for em...and it is either that grave or behind the steel bars my nig and if you ain't careful they got a spot in the "house" which eventually turns the majority out into a smiling foolish ignorant selfish dummie for nobody not even for the youth....they got no heart so therefore they soulless my nig and that is why i am solo going all the way back to South Korea for them silks and minks on the real...."


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
And see i plays the game to an extent like that Latina professor told me to back in Chula Vista, Cali one afternoon cause she saw me stressing about the constant and consistent falsehood of stuff of just histories across my face as i just blasted questions down one after the other until she was like see me after class and she explained how she had to play the game too cause the way the west be portraying stuff is just unreal and unjustified until it is she swore i had a PH.D degree but i just stay educated no matter where i go and see i plays the black game like oh yeah i'm this and that and never get mad just seeing what they going to say and always remember what that professor said about truth vs the fact and in order for you to change the game you gotta become an artifact meaning one day or night you gotta die and you gotta die like going out with a i already knew no fame is needed i just gotta play my hand and fuhk it i'm all in now....and most greatest tool as an artifact is your autobiography....if you ain't got no autobiography then you fuhked. And see they plan on you not even knowing how to make one in your head cause of all this foolishness surrounding your brainstorming activities let alone write one and you learning languages cause once you write you then you are a fact and truth. Then everything builds off of it after that and you got "juice" cause you writing your own character now and see that pen and pencil is greater than that bullet on the real yasee. They don't won't you being no road model no superbusinessperson just a figure they can pawn for the rest of your lives but you just outlaw on the real yasee by paying attention to your own business and if you like me who found himself not black then they eyes and hearts go uh oh another done found himself and we are going down down down but im not even concern with them going down down down as i am more concern putting energy forth in coming up up up representing my lineages and the rest of plans ain't really none of your concern cause being evolutionary means growing up. And see negative society is like a negative female when you ain't paying them any attention and it is all Universal Law you see....don't fall for them at all. Vodun.
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