Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
International passport access
looking for the unseen loophole
or the plain straight up simple proceeding
linking one citizenship to the next as duality
from country to the next country
never the same cause business suits
with my higher priorities pays me well
plus i am never ever slipping
always forward preplanning
talking trades with an young Indian male
manning down a convenient store
we was hitting fists building a cipher
bouncing ideas off each other
as routes and contracts plays major roles
in what the economy wants and needs
a market with advertisement
six sigma my ways to be laid down as the foundation
taking every waste to be recycled into another service or product
plus sustainable
i like hearing then again listening to how a real cultured female feels
like dem modest and true intellectual Asians with voice tone dialect appeal
grab my mental attention at-will
what you wearing is unique to your physique
plus your sun sign is hyper then again too cool
and who are you? no who are we? what time it is the East?
you got that lazy fade of a walk
now okay and yo what is up?
what is going down is me and you
exchanging currency for your silk flowy gown
you would look so dashing in daredevil red
pretty feminine toenails in burgundy
ruby droplet of a necklace
and that center ruby piece on the throng tied across the crown of your feet
now step feat
and step feat...
i performs her vogue in my head in the art of symmetry of fashion design
so them rubies are a must for women like her
and that colorful silk by the rolls i want uncut
gimme the mink dyed by the colors made by my specifications without being latent
and so i must do more research on how to have dual citizenships
from one country to the other
by obtaining all the rules and regulations for me to read online and or on-ground
yeah for example from the United States to another country made dual
and then from that country as a citizen to another country dual
until the finale is ended
keeping my briefcase locked
a house in each country
paid for and rented out
not like a flashy star righ?
A simple economic detailed redone pleasurable spot unrecognizable
to the average eyes
my oh my I surprise
as the ticks tock
being cautious and flee not
a gentleman at my best
my warriorness is truly covered inside i'm at peaceful rest
just doing business as usual
young rich wealthy dangerous and beautiful
I dreamed my team down on paper as my Cabinet
we all in it for the gain
nothing personal and never for no fame
international passport access via my jet
if not then i'm solo with my homegirl from another Root at the airport receiving end
pay her the cash in they currency
now that is your salary for the year
let's get down to our international uprising conglomerate business
and if you an heiress or an heir keeping your hands in the air as one waving side to side geah
like that time in that spot in the Birmingham, UK my homegirl Cherry from Jamaica remembers--
and i can still hear the party say "Oh Yeah..."(echoing)

"then hit the Nandos in London via M highway mobbing one lane deeply convoy style my thought process stays ah'creeping...."


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I stays in my lane just'a thinking turning all gears teeth receiving the gives like inside a clockwork without blinking..yes Ancestor i got it and sow let me set'trip with my mathematics cause this Trade Route we gon make is truly hyena laughing soundfully spectacular and positively horrendous....making money internationally again but this time from a multimillionaire vision and that is me and like culinary art from a Gullah people my Great Grandmutha taught me the original flavor....taste it..sip..ah yeah....

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