Black Spirituality Religion : Out of Body Experiences


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Jul 25, 2004
I've had some experiences where I was able to view the inside of my body. I would be laying down..getting ready to go to sleep when this happened.I wouldn't be sleep however,eyes closed,in a state that I couldn't get out of.
But I don't know if I was recieving messages or if they were out of body experiences. I got the birthday of a future child,I had an incident where my reproductive organs were getting "washed" by G-D..saw hands and all..I also saw inside my womb..a 3 month old male fetus was inside of it.
Now before I've had "prophetic" may of 2001..i had a feeling that death was was a cold feeling in my body that wouldn't go died,then my uncle,then aaliyah..then september 11th....

If anyone could help me out with this,and tell me what it is. I would be most grateful.


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Jan 25, 2005
Some people have a higher sense of intuition than others perhaps your blessed in that way. I have notice sometimes when I watch sports I get a feeling that something is going to happen and then it happens.


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Feb 26, 2013
I think, for the most part, black people(in America, specifically) tend to sense things far more than others. I have my understanding as to why, and the slavery of our ancestors has to do with it, but I won't go into too much detail.

I just because that we're more "open" to certain things after so long in tortuous conditions. I do believe it's growing stronger in may as well. However, I'm not so certain understanding is growing in that respect, as to what's going on. Seems many are confused as to why, but explaining wouldn't be so easy if they don't believe half the things you say.

I just keep faith and belief in my Father the Most High and in the Son my Savior who was hung up on the tree as a sacrificial Lamb for my sins, which cleanses all people's who believe and are faithful and trusting in the Father and He, and who was also resurrected to life eternal, just as He promises will be the fate of those who are true to His Way and commandments.:angel1:

I trust all who need to know the truth behind these mysteries won't stay lost for long, but will see clearly why things like this happen. They used to happen more frequently to me before I searched for wisdom in the matter, and boy were my eyes opened!

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