Black People : Our History proves ; Cultural Revolutions , cure Cultural Viruses!


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Nov 18, 2016
The Three Wise men , Garvey, Clarence Allah, Huey P Newton; waged Cultural Revolutions , that transformed Millions out of
Complacency, Myopia , Self Hate, , Materialism, Religious Addiction, and Economic and Poltical Apathy,
and did it with no technology, media and not much or no money in some cases !

The Black community , for the past 25 years has suffered under the Virus , of Gangsta , Thug, Balling , Pimping and recently Drill Culture ,
that has made us ambivelent to National Black Unity and Collective , Economic and Politcal Focus , and now 2019 , at a time
when we need that the most as we face upgraded and rebooted White Supremacy!
We are in great need of a new Cultural Revolution July 4 , 2019, for our Mental Independence!

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1619+400=2019 Jamestown Virginia...end of slavery. (Yes modern miseducation and injustices count as slavery) But no proper reparations will be given since the amount of contributions beyond humanity transcends generations. Our people have history that is equal to trillions of dollars including Melanin research and its supernatural power.