Black People : Origins of the "Thug" Movement...


Psalms 82:6
May 28, 2010
Zombie Land
Young Black Entrepreneur
For a long time now many self proclaimed "Thugs" have used the title as a Status Symbol within our communities. Many believe that this title demands respect and is a form of expression that exemplifies the "outlaw" nature of Black Warriors because BLACK culture is "outlawed" from EUROPEAN society..

I am a firm believer that we are all creators in our own right, and the things that we say, do and feel directly project the creation that each individual experiences as life...

I am 100% with Acknowledging the fact that we need to stand up against our oppressors and that we identify ourselves with BLACK POWER as in anything that depict OUR TRUE nature...

I leave the opinion of what Black Power is to the individual because it is the individual who will have to act in accordance to her/his own BLACK POWER...

The only thing is that ME myself as a Young Black Man in an enemies land have found myself submurged in a "thug" culture where my fellow Black Men and Women find ourselves AWARE that there is a problem so we "rebel" against the European Establishment by whatever means we feel necessary..
In this process many of my fellow youth identify ourselves as "Thugs" due to european influence and the euthanasia of our Entertainment Industries and its sub cultures thanks to The Powers that Be.....

So my intention is to clarify the Origins of the word "Thug" that our youth has binded itself to and therefore manifests in our selves..... With the third eye we can all see who is behind this "Thug" movement within our community and we really can see that those who Identify themselves as "Thugs" have really deceived the masses...

I hope somebody can feel me and in turn just pass the message.. Stop being a Deciever!!

We need Rebels, Warriors and LEADERS not "thugs"...

Peace.. Peace...



Psalms 82:6
May 28, 2010
Zombie Land
Young Black Entrepreneur

The Thugs (originally called Thuggee or Tuggee meaning "deceivers") were an Indian network of secret fraternities engaged in murdering and robbing travellers. The Thuggee groups consisted both of Hindus and Muslims though their patron deity was the Hindu Goddess Kali. Some writers classify the thugs as a religious cult or sect. They operated from as early as the thirteenth century until they were suppressed by the British the nineteenth century.

The word "Thug" derives from the Hindi term thag (thief), which itself comes from Sanskrit sthagati (to conceal). The term "thug" eventually passed into common English during the time of British Imperial rule of India and still denotes a brutality to this day.


The earliest authenticated mention of the Thugs is found in the following passage of Ziau-d din Barni's History of Firoz Shah (written about 1356):
In the reign of that sultan (about 1290), some Thugs were taken in Delhi, and a man belonging to that fraternity was the means of about a thousand being captured. But not one of these did the sultan have killed. He gave orders for them to be put into boats and to be conveyed into the lower country, to the neighborhood of Lakhnauti, where they were to be set free. The Thugs would thus have to dwell about Lakhnauti and would not trouble the neighborhood of Delhi any more."

Though they themselves trace their origin to seven Muslim tribes, the Hindu followers only seem to be related during the early periods of Islamic development; at any rate, their religious creed and staunch worship of Kali, one of the Hindu Tantric Goddesses, showed no Islamic influence. Assassination for gain was a religious duty for them, and was considered a holy and honorable profession, in which moral feelings did not come into play. The practice of Thuggee was categorically stamped out by the British by the early nineteenth century.

Induction was sometimes passed from father to son; the leaders of the thug groups tended to come from these hereditary lines. Another way by which people became thugs was this; sometimes the thugs did not kill the young children of the travellers and groomed them to become thugs themselves. Some men became thugs to escape great poverty. A fourth way of becoming a thug was by learning it from an guru.

The Thuggee cult was eventually suppressed by the British rulers of India in 1828, due largely to the efforts of Lord William Bentinck, Governor General of India from 1828, who started an extensive campaign involving profiling, intelligence, and executions. The campaign was heavily based on informants recruited from captured thugs who were offered protection on the condition that they told everything that they knew. By the 1870s, the Thug cult was extinct, but the concept of 'criminal tribes' and 'criminal castes' is still in use in India. A police organization known as the 'Thuggee and Dacoity Department' was established within the Government of India, with William Sleeman appointed Superintendent of the department in 1835. The Department remained in existence until 1904, when it was replaced by the Central Criminal Intelligence Department. The defeat of the Thuggees played a part in securing Indian loyalty to the British Raj.
Previous attempts at prosecuting and eliminating the thugs had been largely unsuccessful due to the lack of evidence for their crimes. The thugs' modus operandi yielded very little evidence: no witnesses, no weapons, and no corpses. Besides, the thugs usually made no confessions when captured. Another main reason was the fact that thug groups did not act locally, but all over the Indian subcontinent, including territories that did not belong to British India in combination with the fact that there was then no centralized criminal intelligence agency.

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Thank You Brother NixProphet ... dang ... and i been call'n myself a thug all these years!

hmmm ... i'm having to adjust so much of my thinking as a result of the knowledge shared here!

Thank You! :love:




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I've been trying to express this for a long time to our people
did you know where the word THUG came from and how we adopted it
into our daily lives , here's some true facts and why we need to STOP
worshipping this belief and shame ourselves and ancestors as well our

we as blacks need to free ourselves from

this mental slavery and thinking which we

been labled with by our oppressors.

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