Black People : ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE (Detroit’s Tribute to The Funk)


Permanent Black Man
May 16, 2002
Bronzeville USA
Staying Alive
(Detroit’s Tribute to The Funk)

Original song by Funkadelic was released in1978 by Warner Bros.
Songwriters: George Clinton Jr., Walter Morrison and Garry Shider. Published by Bridgeport Music, Inc. BMI
Performed by The Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences (DAAS) Choir ft. King Bethel and Anaiya Hall
DAAS choir includes: Sincere Austin, Ireland Bradley, Kyndall Bouldin, Drie Boyd, Alonzo Dock, Aniya Elkins, Taylor Glover,
Morgann Hicks, Ari'Onah Jackson, Precious Jackson, Jeremiah Johnson, Tania Kato, Lucinda Liggions, Brionna Mahone,
DeShawn Marks, Akeylah Mason, Charles McLean, Lillyan Orr-Mercer, Jessie Miller, Joslyn Mosley, Marcus Parker, Brandon Payton,
Aja Ross, Aianya Smith, Ashanti Wade, Alanah Wingfield, Rian Woods
Choir Direction by Angela Kee Dr. Ras Mikey C, Director of Choreography
Also featuring: Chi Amen-Ra, Percussion Efe Bes, Percussion Duminie Deporres, Guitar Amp Fiddler,
Synthesizer Larry Fratangelo, Percussion LaShawn D. Gary, Keys & Key Bass Eric “Rain Man” Gaston, Drums
Video presented by VisitDetroit.Com and the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive producer, director and editor, Bill Bowen, Octane Design Co-produced by Mike Ellison, AddisDetroit Song produced and arranged by Mike Ellison and LaShawn D. Gary Spoken word written by Mike Ellison Recorded at the Tempermill in Ferndale, MI
Sound engineers Tony Hamera and Jake Shives Mixed by Carlos Gunn, Masterpiece Sound Studios Mastered by Danny Leake, Urban Guerrilla Engineers
Directors of photography: Andrew Stefanik, Iron Coast and Myron Watkins II Cameras: Ed Knight and Scott West It takes a village.
Thanks to these people for their help.
All the parents of these beautiful children for allowing their kids to be at the various locations for filming.
Talent coordination by Ann Delisi, AddisDetroit Interpretive performer, Dr. Ras Mikey C Appearance by B-Boy, Haleem “Stringz” Rasul Armen Boladian, Bridgeport Music, Inc. Scott L. Guy, The Riviera Group Management Crystal McMahon, DMCVB PM, Christine Ribusovski, Octane Design
And anyone we may have missed : )
Special thanks to these locations/organizations:
Capoeira Mandinga Detroit
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
Detroit Institute of Art
Downtown Detroit Partnership (Capitol Park and Cadillac Square)
Eastern Market Guardian Building Great Lakes Crossing Outlets
The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation (Rosa Parks bus)
The Majestic Theatre MOCAD Motown Museum Narrow Way Cafe QLINE
The Riverfront Conservancy Royal Transportation Co. Yum Village
Image of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic performing in Waterfront Park, Louisville, Kentucky on July 4th, 2008 by JMSchneid.
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.​

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