Black Poetry : One dude paused his brain and caused pain on microphones while he remain home his goal was to tame d

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    One dude paused his brain and caused pain on microphones while he
    remain home his goal was to tame domes with games strong enough to be
    recognize by the wise and this will surprise the whack that can't write
    my plan true so far like a brand new car I stand to do a bizarre night
    at a hotel if is flow well enough to pull a girl with a body that prevail
    hot like a mailbox I drop a love letter and stay hot forever on a love trail
    see a girl git cake and flirt could be late for work I wanna date and alert
    “SO I'M shook boo you look so true need a girlfriend that can really twerk
    and make my world spin when I jerk up her skirt, we can get dinner
    with wet thinner wine such as Boone Farm so boo come enter
    my drop top gonna have to find a roof now this is BLACK HIPHOP
    in VIRGINIA BEACH my skills bossy but spill some coffee it dropped
    on the floor somebody pass some tissue for this issue get props
    for wiping this up, so boo you a brown Soul Sista with the hots
    boys won't stop trying to get laid so let the parade begin” “NAW
    PLAYER I'm home from work may have worn the wrong skirt aw
    boys try rap for pie perhaps and lies slap my eardrum dirt so raw
    hit my brain they git to aim at my panties for real try close my ears
    but a rose appears then I have to listen while kissing with fears
    of having sex and possibly grabbing the kotex, Oh a brown Soul
    Sista goes through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH have to a bold
    girl, because your type thirst while pipe burst from an overflow
    of liquid when you kick it haters lick it up off the floor and yo
    say its boss and want more wow my panties could get ripped
    off if I let a boy kiss my lip-gloss oh a brown Soul Sista trip
    and have to think a lot and inside my thing is pink and hot
    so I survived today in the driveway but got a flat tire and a phat desire
    that may require attention oh I need to dry these panties they on fire
    just because I'm a girl with butt your X hurl insults at me and you want
    a naked kiss and I can't take this kinda piss you make me sick so don't
    try anything wow I need to talk to CARDI B I may even steal your chain
    not just some random stuff for your bedroom your head tuned to some lame
    bulwark LOL sex is brisk but it exist on borrowed time and tomorrow is fine
    it could bring sorrow to the mind of girl when rhymes can twirl her asinine
    emotions, boys mastermind potions that fill ears and kill deer during hunting
    season it's stunning the reason this happen they words shoot straight running
    up on fruit cake and that's a brute take on life, look sex sprees are nice unlike
    the complexities of life a brown Soul Sista next sees the wife and get too hype
    love is an extreme sport and it needs means of support as girls we deal with
    head clutter while boys looks at us as their bread and butter got to be swift
    to catch on, boys wanna kiss my lips and get pies, oh my emotion grow stronger
    I could no longer could cope with what he spoke it was dope for my panties he hunger
    my legs survive with lotions he wanna dive in my oceans and my thing steaming nice
    and teeming with life I was about to say yes but he wanna play with my breasts and heist
    my love like a carjack and in the bar act like you know, wow this maybe a nasty post
    but have the capacity for growth give tenacity a toast this boy's rapping to me most
    of the time he probably want a dose of wine wanna boast all the time on the east coast
    my body intense with butters and boys rap at the expense of others” “LOOK boo
    I'm losing touch with love using it to search in the club just wanna clutch and hug you
    boo playing the lottery was my life now do pottery at a price and must face folks
    trust your lace and hope to get some for real so let me dive in your ocean” “nope”
    you might drown” “so boo some cats have zero for wisdom but learn through
    heroism how to save lives and walk brave with knives like a Virginia Ninja that do
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