Black People Politics : On this day of nationwide protests over mexican children being separated from their families ...


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Dec 18, 2014
Don't forget this group of young infant black babies who lived long ago
Who were cruelly taken from their parents
And used in a evil and inhuman way
No one carried signs to protest their kidnap and brutal deaths
America was silent


Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hi Sister nilevalley ... Welcome Home ... :heart:

Yes, I do agree.

This whole thing is krazee.

I think of the recent supreme court ruling siding with this president.

And how the supreme court (and the people it governed) upheld the slavery of our Ancestors.

Even now, there is talk of the internment of Japanese Americans, rarely mentioning the enslavement of Africans.

Much worse was done to our people, with no reparations like the Japanese Americans received.

Black men / people being killed by law enforcement today with no impunity.

It is all very strange.

Everyone please be careful, as always.

Love You!




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Dec 18, 2014
I hope Black Americans will take time to reflect on the irony of all of this. And return to a study of African American history. I agree with you black people have and continue to be treated far worse than other non- white minority groups.
We forget the auction block rooms during the slave trade where mothers watched while their children were torn away from their arms sold into slavery never to be seen again. No one spoke out about this horrible act of inhumanity.
Our family structures and traditions were shattered into pieces. And as I previously posted no one said a word.
I repeat it's time for us take out those black history books dust them off and read the contents and remember a time when our families were ripped apart in a evil system of white racism.
Far worse than a child standing before a border police person and crying because he or she can't find mama or papa.

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