Black Poetry : On Her Head She Wore The Crown


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Apr 10, 2001
Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
Presenter of Words
for Cleopatra

Her prophecy was the fulfillment of great legacy,
her fate, to die a slave,
by her design, she breathed her final breath,
determined to serve no man…
she, a born leader,
perhaps Africa’s greatest queen,
manipulating with the appeal of intelligence,
she controlled the minds of kings,
her beauty, legendary,
around the world they carved her face in gold…
many claimed her methods ruthless, vile,
she did what she felt necessary
so she’d always retain hold to…
mighty Egypt,
the empire that fed upon the Nile,
no other land’s majesty
so greatly proclaimed,
to discredit its greatness,
many held in denial
the power of the mighty queen…
female pharaoh,
midnight’s enchantress,
the light of stars shone in her eyes,
men sold their homes for
the fantasy of parting her thighs,
and even in her own demise
she stood her own ground,
mighty priestess,
deity to her people,
worshiped, heralded, admired, proclaimed….
mighty Cleopatra
the African sons
still call out her name


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Apr 20, 2001
Atlanta (hometown Detroit)
and she says
"as i stand on the shores of Blue Nile, and I bathe my feet within it's cool depths...I feel your presence surrounding me, and I acknowledge your greatness in return..."


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