Black People Politics : Older Black Voters are doing their part


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Jan 30, 2020
The fight to win the votes of Black people in the U.S. continues.

Early voting patterns have one political pundit concluding that older Black voters are turning out in higher numbers than they did in 2016. This may bode well for Democrats who are the traditional beneficiaries of a high Black voter turnout.

"While it’s obviously way too early to be making any real concrete predictions like that" Tom Bonier, the CEO of TargetSmart. Bonier has been tweeting out a nonstop stream of data associated with the early voting period currently underway that give a glimpse of certain trends among folks casting ballots; and where they’re casting those ballots.

According to Bonier, who is also an adjunct lecturer at Howard University, “Black voters over the age of 65 have already exceeded their overall 2016 turnout numbers, thereby already setting turnout records” in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and Texas. Those numbers are expected to keep growing as early voting continues through Monday.

The Bonier quotes are from a NewsOne story.


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