Eritrea : Obama's War Against Eritrea


Dec 2, 2007
Dogville, USA
Agent Of Change
Here is the dilemma for those of us not only living in the western countries but our African sisters and brothers.

We can rant and protest against Obama and Africom interventionism and expansion, but on the other hand, are the Islamist groups the lesser or greater of the two evils?..and this does not even take into account the opportunist third element, Israel, or the fourth element, China.

I avoid the term Islamists because it is used by so many non-Muslims to justify the oppression of all Muslims.

There are millions of Muslims in our world. many of them Black. Just as there are millions of Christians in our world, many of them Blacks. The only dilemma, if you choose to see it as such, is the great challenge of sustaining the Will to Struggle against so many --- the majority of terrestrials --- who are asleep.

But, no, there is no dilemma. There is only the Struggle.

The Struggle with the mere handful, some not Black, who fight for Love. And the Struggle against the many, some Black, who fear Love and resist it with all their might.

The Struggle is Why we were manifest in this sick, twisted, corrupt, insane age of immorality --- Why we have been blessed [if you choose to call it that] with mortal life.

We Exist to seek to be Perfect. Yet, the dilemma, if you choose to see it as such, is that we are One. Hence, I cannot be Perfect until We Are Perfect.

So, we Struggle, and we fall because of the dead weight of these vessels of flesh within which we are embodied. But, still, we Struggle. because that is Why We exist.

The Struggle.


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Sep 2, 2011
Down Under
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Not the anti-war, tree-hugging, commie cheerleaders again. Yuck. These are the same people who hide and remain passive when the wolves come knocking. They are just loud sheep who antagonize the wolf-hounds. Peace and military strength cannot be dissociated in the real world. War, poverty is usually the consequence of the absence of a strong military or internal security force to enforce peace. This is the Machiavellian reality.

You should know by now the whiteys are a dying race. Their glory days are over. Soon they will be conquered by the same bloodthirsty horde that is poised on our northern frontier. They too will join them when they have been conquered. It's only a matter of time. For the time being, if two enemies are fighting each other, do not interrupt them. Tree huggers are always interfering in matters than do not concern them and think they are morally superior.

Note though I consider Eritreans and Ethiopians as black. I don't think much of Somalians, we might just consider them as Arabs. But only open your mouth when they are attacking the Bantus or Nilotes. Obama has been ignoring Africa for too long; now he is making his move, hopefully not his last. He might help Africa more if he is reelected.


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Jul 9, 2008
Obama is the most indispensable piece on the New World Order's chessboard. America has her unprecedented military machine, but cannot deploy it without, first, selling the lie of her war being a righteous act to the clueless citizens at home.

No man alive today is better at selling American hegemony to liberals [right wingers are already onboard] than Obama.

Your next statement is a perfect example of how dangerous Obama is. He is even able to con a black 'god' like yourself into thinking Africans are 'our' enemies who deserve to be exploited.

Wake Up, Children Of Zion.

Did I say Africa or did I specify 3 East African countries?

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