Black Poetry : numbers (aka pearls II)


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Feb 11, 2003
uh huh...
swing swang swung
you missed me
what kind of long division
do 'dis be
now calculate yo' chances
fo' survival
dead on arrival
I jumped in yo' head and ya said
"what radical mathmatical equation
could reverse the time and pull me
out 'dis situation? "
Maybe choose
to lose the tools of disuasion
and change the role of yo' soul
from this death and damnation
standin' like a fool on my mental track
when time is what you lack
you can't have it back
now back this
no wackness
you lack this
wit' practice
you'll stack this
I'm spinnin' 'em on they axis
my blackness
exacts this
I be spittin' up on these tracks is
no secret
I speak wit'
the facts you can't defeat this



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
i second dat !!!! take a number
Tyteeeeeeeee scribe
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