Black People : Now I Will Share With You Black Afrikans Who You Divinely Are

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Osiris Akkebala <> wrote:

Now, I Will Share With You Black Afrikans Who You Divinely Are!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I have shared with you who you have been made to be at the hand and mind of that Racist Luciferian Human Being, now listen as I share with you about the Divine You, Black Woman, and Man!!!

Divine Is The Infinite Existence Of Harmony, Order, and Balance, each attribute being intrinsic in the presence of the Divine Essence, God who need no religious doctrine to mislead and guide that which is, because It Is the Divine Essence, Dark Energy Intelligence, serving no warrant of command to anything that is, because of its presence

Oh! How I am pleased that the Divine Essence in its garment of Darkness, (SPACE) Time, (Life) Intelligence, ( Ad Infinitum) has allowed me to be with the Divine Informative Knowledge that has me to know the Divine Relationship the Black Divine Beings are to the Godly Presence of every and all things that be and appear not to be, but is of the presence of the Divine Essence, Dark Energy Intelligence without a starting nor an expiration date, residing in the circle of Infinite Existence, Dark Energy Intelligence It Is, needing not to prove anything to that which is, because of its Infinite presence, you the Black Afrikan once Divine in Mind and Spirit, now is in the physical walking perpendicular to the Earth being stood upon, wearing the garment of Eternal Darkness, pigmented to be the undeniable, indisputable, verifying relative to the Divine Essence of all Matter physical and appear not to be physical, it is what has God to be God without an agenda nor a purpose for what Its presence cause to be, you Black today Afrikan, is the verification of the powerful existing presence of the Divine Essence, God!!!

Yes, you Black Mortal natural depiction of the Divine Essence, Dark Energy Intelligence out from which Nature used to form and shape your Black pigmented body so all the worlds to look upon but not assured to be able to see, for seeing is being thoughtfully aware and that Divine Quality of awareness is to know who the Black Universal Beings are and will have you to know not to do no evil to them and to do so, make you to be no Being with intent to glorify Freedom, Justice, and Independence and to not glorify Freedom, Justice, and Independence have you to become the prime enemy in action against the Divine Essence prime attribute, Nature, and the Black Divine Being is Nature in Physical Body Form, yes you, Black Afrikan Woman and Man, you been made to know not who you are, therefore being incapable of knowing your relationship to the Divine Essence of us all!!!

I know who Satan the Devil Lucifer Human Being is, therefore I know who the Divine Black Cosmic Universal Being is, I have been given the ability to Divinely thoughtful see beyond looking, for looking is deceiving hogtied in belief, but to thoughtful see, become the gift that come with the Nature of the Black physical Divine Design and to be able to maintain such a gift of Divine Knowledge you must be with the desire to know the value of Divine Freedom again, Black Woman and Man, you who have lost all knowledge of the power of self-respect, for respect Divinely, is Godly, beloved.

Oh! To be with the Knowledge of the Black Divine Self, will bring to you the experience of living in sync with the Divine Essence, God darkness Eternal Everlasting Infinite Presence in Existence without borders, it, the Divine Essence, is Dark Energy Spatial Intelligence by the Divinity of its presence and with knowledge of your Black Divine Relationship to that forever Eternal presence of intellectual Genius of a presence of all things that is making up the physical Universe, Stars, Planets, Element seen and not seen with the looking eye, you Black Divine Being carried the eternal spark of Intellectual knowledge about all that you need to know, and yet we Black Afrikans been made to be with a level of believing ignorance that has us, Black Divine, Being with a Want to be Human just like that racist anti-nature Luciferian Human Being.

You, Yes You! Black Afrikan people, you carry the sparkling badge of eternal Darkness, it is your power source that ignites the intellectual presence withing your Soul, it is the Divine Mind that activates the Divine Spirit that is of the Divine Mind that you must allow coming back to you so to guide you to Divine Freedom, beloved.

I share with you not what you want to believe but what I know you need to know and knowledge produce learning with the ability to Innerstand that which is needed to be Divinely Known by you Black Afrikans, which is to know Thyself, Black Woman and Man!!!

So, up you Mighty Black Afrikan of the Nature of the Divine Essence, get up! Claim your Freedom, and our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation represents Black Afrikans and Afrika Freedom!!!

There will be no Freedom without the willingness of attending a Divine Spiritual Retreat, there is where the Mental Basic Training To Take Place that will qualify Black Afrikans for the Fight To Demand Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation.

As I have Shared with You Black Afrikans, I am The Information that I share with Black Afrikans and I share what I know and not Believe and I know That Black Serious Nationalist Pan Afrikans are in need of attending a Divine Spiritual Retreat, if not, then Religion will be the cause of The Black Afrikans and Afrika Demise, beloved.

Divine Respect

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