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Feb 9, 2001
There are those among us who choose not to participate in the voting process for reasons of their own. Not judging that here.

For whatever points of view an individual has about the validity and integrity of the voting process, in the age of #45, hasn't enough happened a lot been revealed for it to make sense to vote? I get that the political process is flawed system, but wouldn't it lend credibility to the argument that you did something--one small step--to try and correct the problem?

For better or worse, is it worth taking a huge risk of witnessing our democracy become an autocracy? What other things can you do to block a narcissistic dictator from taking more freedoms away than what we have already lost?

If you have children who you love and want to see prosper--whatever that might look like for you-- can choosing not to vote do them great harm and create another barrier for them to not ever achieve their personal goals?

Besides staying home on election day, what is a better alternative to bring about the change that we seek? Marching....protesting?

Don't let "them" snatch our right to vote. Let's fight together in block numbers like they've never seen before and show up at the polls. Men, don't let your women show up and you don't. We need you by our sides and, often, leading us to where a difference can be made. Not hanging our heads low, or shuffling our feet, or walking like pigs to slaughter. But standing tall and looking fiercely straight ahead with our eyes on the prize.

Control your destiny Black men...Black women. Our ancestors fought and so can we. If we don't take a powerful stand, we may as well hand over the essence of who we truly are, to another human being that fears us and tries to intimidate us.

It may not make sense to some of you--voting--and I get that, but what's the worst that can happen if you vote? Will your lives be worse than they already are? But, just think of the possibility that if we thwart their efforts to suppress our vote and we break the charts in numbers when we show up at the polls, we might have a better life and so will our children and grand babies.

It's more than's more than a dream...visualize a new reality.

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