Black People : No Food Shall Be Grown That White Folk Don't Own

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Oct 28, 2004
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Genetically altered crops will rescue Africa from endemic shortfalls in food production, claim corporate foundations that have announced a $150 million "gift" to spark a "Green Revolution" in agriculture on the continent. Of course, U.S.-based agribusiness holds the patents to these wondercrops, and can exercise their proprietary "rights" at will. Are corporate foundations really out to feed the hungry, or are they hypocritical Trojan Horses on a mission to hijack the world's food supply - to create the most complete and ultimate state of dependency.

"Poor-washing" is the common public relations tactic of concealing bitterly unfair and predatory trade policies that create and deepen hunger and poverty with clouds of hypocritical noise about feeding the hungry and alleviating poverty. It's hard to imagine a better case of media poor-washing than the hype around the recently announced $150 million "gifts" of the Gates and Rockerfeller Foundations to the cause of reforming African agriculture, feeding that continent's impoverished millions and sparking an African "Green Revolution"

For ADM, Cargill, Monsanto and other agribusiness giants farming as humans have practiced it the last ten thousand years is a big problem. The problem is that when farmers plant and harvest crops, setting a little aside for next year's seed, people eat, but corporations don't get paid. That problem has been so thoroughly solved in US food production that chemical fertilizers and pesticides create a biological dead zone of hundreds of square miles in the Gulf of Mexico where the Mississippi, draining much of the continent's richest farmland, empties into it. U.S. law requires the registration all crop varieties, and makes it extraordinarily difficult for farmers to save and plant their own seed year to year without paying royalties to corporations who "own" the genetic code of those crops.

But until recently in the developing world, farmers still planted, plowed and harvested without paying American agribusiness anything. The first attempt to "monetize" food production took place a generation ago in Southeast Asia and India. Called the "Green Revolution" its public face was a masterpiece of pious poor-washing. A thin layer of native academic, "experts" and local officials were bought off, and slick ad campaigns were told local farmers the road to prosperity was the use of vast quantities of pesticides, herbicides, and high-yield crops grown for international markets instead of feeding local populations.
The "Green Revolution" in India worked out well for the middlemen who sold the chemicals and lent poor farmers money to buy them, and for its wealthiest farmers. But when millions of farmers, on the advice foreign and domestic "experts" produced cotton, sugar and export crops for the world market instead of food to feed their neighbors, several nasty things happened. The prices for those export staples went down, so poor farmers wound up without the cash to repay loans for the year's seed and chemicals. Food which used to be abundant and locally grown became scarce, expensive and had to come from other regions or overseas. The chemicals killed many beneficial plants and insects, and promoted the emergence of newer, tougher pests and diseases. Export crops needed more water than traditional ones, so wealthy farmers monopolized what water there was to feed their export crops. Man-made famines occurred. People starved or became dependent on imported foreign grain. Millions of farmers were forced to sell their land (or sometimes their children) to pay off their debts, and move to the cities.

In the tradition of the European explorers unleashed on the rest of humanity with letters from their kings entitling them to claim and seize the lands, treasure and inhabitants of all places not under the rule of white Christian princes, the US patent office began in the 1990s, granting American corporations exclusive "patents" for varieties of rice produced in Asia for thousands of years, for beans grown in Mexico centuries before Columbus, and for all the products which were or might be made from trees, plants, roots and molds growing in the rain forests of Africa and Asia. Indian courts, under pressure from their citizens, rebuffed for now American attempts to collect royalties for the production of basmati rice, which farmers in India and Pakistan have cultivated for centuries. But every developing country can't bring to the table against the U.S. the power that India, with a fifth of the world's population can.

In the US media this privatization of nature is called "the biotech industry". Most of humanity outside the U.S. call it biopiracy. In the last decade, corporate "life scientists" in the biotech industry have invented, and the US Department of Agriculture has patented a perverse but profitable technology which prevents a current year's crop from producing usable seed for next year's planting. These "terminator seeds" will force farmers to return to corporate seed suppliers every year.




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Oct 25, 2005
I am TRYING to find an article that was posted about RICE and how its being manipulated but MAY I USE your POST as a BASE to generate an IDEA...

OK so

I remember somewhere not so long ago I posted something about RICE being genetically modified for INDIA and now that ALTERED RICE has SPREAD ACROSS the GLOBE SPOOKING the RICE GROWERS in the US

and I STRONGLY SUSSPECT it has reached the continent of AFRICA

African Slaves Brought First Rice Riches to U.S.?

Now National Geographic is always searching for the most HIDDEN things of the world and its people...

It seems our ANCESTORS (FOODS) RICE or CEREAL brought to this land is finally KICKING the BUCKET of EMPTINESS which apparently has been ALTERED (the UNOFFICIAL OFFICIAL) putting a SERIOUS QUEST to find its ORIGIN

However in searching for those ORIGINS they have come to realize an ASIAN variety has tampered that ancestral POOL.

With the USDA finding that it is very DIFFICULT to get somebody in GHANA to supply more of a PARTICULAR KIND of RICE (meaning that if its taking this LONG and having media PICK UP ON IT...Its GONE from the EARTH)


Oh well

and it looks like BILL GATES among others are BANKING on FINDING ORIGINAL SEEDS to perhaps as I have STATED before

to START OVER this time without the HUMAN BLOODSHED but with the DEPTHS of the MIND....

Bill Gates and the Doomsday Vault

RUTHLESS WHITE is certainly is in CRISIS MODE while the NATION THINK it will be another day to CONSUME...

This what happens when any society tangles in SLAVERY, everybody becomes NOTHING....

Oh well.


Jul 2, 2003
I wish Africans had the help they deserve! From us

Say no to genetic engineering

Their release is 'genetic pollution' and is a major threat because GMOs cannot be recalled once released into the environment.

This food is poison!

Can we trust the scientists?
Food production by genetic manipulation is a very small part of what scientists do. I think that they are working much more behind our backs on animal and human manipulation: monsters and Frankenstein might not be fiction.

If we manipulate vegetable genes, we can manipulate human genes. My first fear is that it may be possible that a substance which is left in food could get into a human body while the person is eating. Then, is it possible that this substance could modify the person's genetic structure?

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