Nigeria : Nigerian gunmen abduct Chinese oil workers

Jan 22, 2001
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Nigerian gunmen abduct Chinese oil workers

LAGOS, Jan 25 (Reuters) - Nigerian gunmen have abducted two or three Chinese oil workers in the southern delta state of Bayelsa, police said on Thursday.

The men were working for the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC) when they were seized by the gunmen who also looted the company's cash office, police said.

The abduction brings to 32 the number of foreign workers being held by armed groups in the remote swamps of the Niger Delta, Africa's oil heartland, where militancy is on the rise.

This picture showing three hostages -- two Italians and one Lebanese -- who were kidnapped from an oil export terminal operated by Italian oil company Eni in southern Nigeria on December 7, 2006 was sent in an email by militant group Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) to the media January 24, 2007. There are now 29 foreign workers being held hostage in Nigeria's oil-producing delta including these three men. MEND has demanded the release of two leaders from the Niger Delta, compensation for decades of oil pollution to delta villages and regional control over the delta's oil wealth. The names provided are L to R: Amad Saliba, Franco Arena and Damiano Russo. BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE




Feb 22, 2004
now we will see who the Chinese really are. There is no history of asians (at least that type of) enslaving or hating Afrikans. interesting to ponder what will happen after a few more kidnappings.

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