Nigeria : Nigeria arrests 164 over massacre


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Apr 21, 2007
Nigeria arrests 164 over massacre

Sun Mar 21, 4:04 pm ET

ABUJA (AFP) ? Nigerian police have arrested 164 people over a recent massacre near the central city of Jos and plan to charge most with offences ranging from terrorism to arson, authorities said Sunday.

"In its resolve to deal decisively with perpetrators of violence in the nation, the Nigeria police has concluded investigation into the mass killings in Dogo Nahawa, Rasat and Jeji villages...which occurred on 7th March 2010," police said in a statement.

In all, 164 suspects were arrested, but two of them will serve as prosecution witnesses, according to police.

It said 41 are to be charged with terrorism and culpable homicide while 121 face multiple offences of unlawful possession of firearms, rioting, arson and causing grievous hurt.

Homicide can result in a death sentence while terrorism is punishable by a life jail term.

Hundreds of people -- mainly women and children from predominantly Christian communities -- have been killed in the past two weeks in villages near the city of Jos. READ MORE
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