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Feb 9, 2001
"Liberia has been plagued by heavy fighting in recent weeks between rebels and forces loyal to Mr. Taylor, who has been indicted on war crimes charges in a court run jointly by the neighboring nation of Sierra Leone and the United Nations. The United States has come under increasing pressure from the United Nations, Britain, France and West African countries to take a more active role in quelling the unrest."

President Bush is reported to be undecided about how to respond. However, "Pentagon officials have been reluctant to support sending troops to Liberia, fearing that American forces could get caught up in a complex civil war at a time when the United States military is already stretched thin because of large deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military, administration officials said, remains haunted by the attempt to bring peace to Somalia, an effort that led to the deaths of 18 American troops in 1993.

Administration officials said the decision would be made solely on the basis of whether committing American troops would be helpful on humanitarian grounds and successful in bringing lasting peace."

I'm not in favor of US military invasions in any country. I'm not supportive of wars but we find this country engaged in so many and for reasons I'm highly suspicious of. Now we have Liberia on the war table and US military officials are hesitant to get involved and for reasons that don't make sense when you consider other places we've gone and gotten involved under similar circumstances.

What is this really about? Are there specific characteristics that a country must have before the US will consider running in like the calvary?


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Apr 8, 2003
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if Bush gives in, he should be fired..str8 up....he is spreading the U.S Troops around way too thin


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May 4, 2003
Bush going to Afrika(Liberia)... What is it really about? Its about the resources that Afrika has, for example the oil and the diamonds. I find it very suspicious that Bush, a republican president would even think about stepping foot into Afrika. I doubt he's there as a goodwill embassador. Something in the big plan must not be going right for them to go to Afrika because Afrika is the last frontier. On second thought this could've been their plan from the beginning.

What will they do to the continent? Can we all say "Recolonization", we saw what was done to Iraq and it was said that there are many countries on the list. I'm not aware of any countries in Afrika(except South Afrika) having a strong military force. At least Iraq had a military, whether it decided to be effective or not is another story, but the continent as a whole does not have any, so it might be a pretty easy for the Americans...I'm not sure.

I think all of us as Black people should pay extremely close attention to this and be highly suspicious because something is going on and moving at a rapid pace. Now why would bush go to Afrika to promise the Afrikans aid for their many problems when its obvious that he cares nothing about the Afrikans in America. This is the same person who was responsible for signing the most death warrants to execute numerous Black men when he was governer of Texas. This is the same person who was not elected president by the people, but was selected by the supreme court, and we all know who's vote they ripped off the most...Black people. Also we must not forget that he argued against affirmative action, but he is the biggest recipient of affirmative action...the irony is almost laughable if it wasn't so serious.

So when we see Bush in Afrika we need to be extremely skeptical and definitely think critically because whatever plan they have developed is definitely going into action because if bush is talking about Afrika then it sure doe not spell positivity for us here in America. Now more than ever is the time for all of us to pay close attention to whats going on in the world because its easy to manipulate people when they are asleep and only care about movies, tv, sports, music, celebrity gossip, materialism...because this is what we have been fed for far too long.

Since this system(world) could not survive without Afrika, whats the best way to make sure that it does survive? control the continent, control its resources. Not to say that the powers that be haven't been doing this directly or indirectly, but now it seems that it will be more apparent. Remember Afrika is the reason all these european countries are so rich including america. The slave trade made it possible for all these countries to line there pockets with money while it impoverished most of the countries on the continent. Most if not all of the European countries were involved(I'm not too sure about Russia or the some of the eastern european countries, but they might have found a way to benefit indirectly)brutalization of Afrika.

America would not have the technological and economic power it has today(however economy failing) if it wasn't the money that was made from enslaving Afrikans, also lets not forget the man power and all the infrastructure that the Afrikans built. So the reason why this country and all the other european countries are so rich and prosperous is due to us. So why not go back to the source..Afrika. Therefore thats what is being done as we speak.

Theres war in alot of these Afrikan countries like the Congo, unrest in Liberia because of the diamonds. The greedy need for diamonds is what is driving alot of this mess. Since diamonds is in such high demand and these diamond companies(none of them Afrikan) are making so much money on these diamonds do we really think they care about the murder that is going on in Afika? I think not. Well all I'm saying is that we need to think critically and please listen to other news/information besides whats on the cnn, fox,msnbc, your local nightly news because they are not gonna provide you with news that will motivate you to think for yourself instead they will tell you how to think and what to think about for example, celebrity gossip,the latest action movie, whose doing who etc..(this is ok sometimes but not 24/7). They will not infuse your mind with anything substantial and aren't we all tired of the bs, well I know I am..


Jul 7, 2003
Berlin, Germany
i also think that bush does not have any intrests in instoling peace in liberia but in making provit.

however, it is obvious, that this conflict should come to an end as soon as possible. i am not actually a fan of the un and dont really know what to think about the au yet. i doubt that they could offer any real help.

do u see any way of solving the conflict and who, in ur oppinion, should act in order to acieve this?
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